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King of Hearts update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World, Sid running towards the goons. DD sees Sid going. Simran also prays for them. Raj comes to meet Commissioner and tells that his bahu is kidnapped by criminal Yash, who was freed although he is facing attempt to murder charges.

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Inspector says DD said that Sid have kidnapped Roshni. Raj tells him that Sid already told him about DD suffering partial memory loss. Commissioner asks Inspector to look into the matter and bring Yash’s file infront of him. Yash catches Roshni and ties her hands. Sid reaches there and kicks the goon. Roshni cries badly. Yash looks angrily at him. Roshni shouts Sid. Sid beats the goons. Yash smirks. Sid beats Amol and presses his neck. Roshni looks on scared. Yash says you came again and calls him mosquito of bad site. Sid says you are blind even from your mind, your death is infront of you, and you couldn’t know it.

Yash says your life is in my hands now, once she fall down, she will not be saved. He leaves the rope. Sid leaves Amol and runs to hold rope and save Roshni. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. DD comes there and sees Roshni tied to rope and hanging in air. DD shouts Roshni. Sid says sasumom. DD runs towards them. Yash smirks and says all family members came to death trap and throws a stick towards DD to make her fall down. DD loses balance and is about to fall down.

King of Hearts update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World

Sid shouts Sasumom and holds her hand with his other hand. Yash smirks. Sid holds Roshni’s rope with his one hand and DD with his another hand. He tries hard to save both the women. Yash sits on sofa and takes Sid’s helplessness. Roshni asks Sid to save her mom and don’t care about him. Yash says you have reached where I left you the last time. He says difference is that, even Roshni’s life is trapped by death. He moves the chain and asks you will save wife or sasumom. Roshni gets dizzy and faints. DD sees Roshni unconscious.

Yash throws metal chain on Sid’s neck and pulls it. DD asks Sid to save Roshni. Sid says I will do something. I won’t let anything happen to you. DD asks Sid to look at her. Sid says I won’t let anything happen to you. DD asks him to leave her. Sid says Roshni can’t live without you, even me. DD says you can’t save both of us, let me go. Sid says no. DD says you will be my son in my next birth. Sid calls her Maa…….

Yash laughs and says even after calling you maa, he couldn’t save her. He says today he can’t save you….and laughs. Sid says I won’t let you go. DD tells Sid that you are my Jamai, more than a son to me. She asks him to let her go, and asks him to save Roshni being her life. Sid says no Mom. DD asks Sid to save Roshni and promise to take care of her. She says Roshni loves you very much, take care of her and never leave her. She is your responsibility. Sid promises that he will never leave Roshni, and says I will not leave you also.

Yash pulls the rope towards him. DD asks Sid to let her go. Sid says no Sasumom. DD frees her hand from his grasp and fall down from the building. Roshni gains consciousness and sees DD lying dead on ground. Yash says Sasumom gone and laughs. Sid sees her fallen on ground. Sid is in shocked. Yash says mission accomplished. Sid pulls the rope and save Roshni. He hugs her cryingly. Roshni is in shock and looks at DD from there.

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