King of hearts update Wednesday 12th February 2020 zee world


King of hearts Wednesday 12 February 2020; Mum in law listening to Satya’s phone conversation and thinks to divert his mind and do something. She comes to them and says she is not bad as they think. She says today is lohri, and that’s why she kept party at house. She gives clothes and asks Satya and Mahi to get ready for the party. Krutika thinks her mum in law is accepting them, and asks Satya not to doubt on her. Satya thinks what is going on in her mind. Later in the evening, Mahi gets ready and wears salwar kameez. Satya comes, holds her tied hands and romances with her. He says you are looking Punjabi today, Mahi Sen Gupta. Mahi says she is Mahi Karanveer Khurana. He asks why she got ready today. Mahi says for my ranjha…and smiles. They fall on bed. Satya says you couldn’t spend even 2 mins with me and gets closer to her. Later Satya is about to apply sindoor on Mahi’s forehead.

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King of hearts 12 February 2020; Kareena comes and says I want sindoor on my maang. Mahi says only married woman applies on their forehead and is about to apply on her forehead, but Kareena throws it. Satya says let it be. Kareena says sorry and goes. Mahi and Satya romance again. Later Satya gets a call from detective, saying that he has sent proofs in envelope. Mum in law hears him and says envelope, who will bring. Kareena dances on the song Ladki beautiful. Satya and Mahi also join her. Mum in law sees them busy in dance and receives envelope. She thinks to hide it.

King of hearts Wednesday 12 February 2020

Mum in law introduces Satya to the guest and asks them to question Satya where he was and what he was doing? Guest asks Satya if he missed his father. Satya couldn’t understand her and replies wrongly. He asks her to take drink , but makes it fall on her purse mistakenly. Guest lady gets angry and says you can’t be Sid’s son. You have no etiquette.

Mahi gets angry on her and talks in English. She says you people are not going to change. He apologized to you when he dropped champagne on you mistakenly. She says Satya is having manners and values, which you people don’t have. Mum in law opens the envelope and gets shocked seeing the proofs. She deletes her boss phone number and thinks where to throw paper, and thinks to burn it in Lohri fire. She keeps the papers in lohri fire and says Satya will be Swaha too. Satya comes and tries to take the papers, but it is already burnt. Mum in law accepts that she has burnt the papers, as she don’t like it. King of hearts update Wednesday 12 February 2020

Satya tells her that he will expose her and show her vampish face to his family. Mum in law challenges him. Satya says you have never faced me before. He holds her hand. Mum in law shouts and tells everyone that Satya tried to burnt her hand. Krutika and Satya are shocked. Mum in law says I have done so much for him, and he is spitting venom against me, I can’t stay here anymore. Satya asks her to stop her drama, and says it was her act to divert our attention. He promises her that he will expose her true face, else his name is not Satya. Mum in law says someone send him to mental asylum. Krutika says enough and asks how dare you to accuse mummy ji.

Mum in law asks Krutika to accuse him, and says mistake is of his upbringing and of his chawl, where he was brought up. She says he don’t deserve to be Khurana. Mahi asks her to stop it. Krutika apologizes to her. Mahi puts ointment on Satya’s hand. Satya says I am not equal to Siddharth Khurana’s reflection also, and says I am weak and couldn’t expose this woman. Mahi says don’t know what to do. Satya says we have to do something big, and asks if you are with me. Mahi says I am with you always. King of hearts update Wednesday 12 February 2020


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