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In King of Hearts Update Wednesday 18th September 2019, the Lawyer arrives at Dad’s place regarding to Samaira and Yash issue, as Sam is leaning on Mona’s shoulder crying and presents a divorce papers issued by Yash.

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Sam says that is impossible as the lawyer presents the paper to her and continues that what’s this nonsense! She tells Mona that Sid must have told Yash what happened.

Sid walks in and says that is what happens to people who do evil, Karma catches up with them! Mona tells Sid to stop talking!! Sid tells her to never yell at him again and says he knows how to make relations unlike Sam! He says he didn’t tell anything to Yash, it was Sam. Shabnam smirks.

Roshni pleads with Sid to calm down and says he shouldn’t have told Yash because it was his GrandAunt who planned the entire thing. Sid says he’s disappointed in her to think he would tell Yash! He asks why they are not blaming Sam when it wasn’t as though she was hypnotised by his GrandAunt, she had a right to refuse, instead of going along with the plan!

Mona tells him to stop talking about Sam like that and says Sam is her daughter and her husband has sent divorce papers on Karwachauth (fast) day.
Sid asks what should he do, your daughter couldn’t take care of her Marriage. He says your daughter brought poor guy, Bunty and groomed him and she wanted to ruin Krutika’s life! He asks if Krutika is not the daughter of anyone, and not a girl, and so on…? He asks Sam, why she has done this with his Sister? Sid says Sam has ruined his Sister’s life and she is the only one responsible for Yash asking for a divorce!
He asks Sam if she didn’t consider him when she was planning to ruin his Sister’s life!
He reminds her that he was the one who got her and Yash married and says he now regrets it because if that hadn’t happened, she would not have done what she did!

Mona says Kritika ruined Sam’s life too when she went away with Rajveer!
Sid says how could he forget about great Rajveer… and says he was a third grade blo*dy criminal! Sid reminds her that Rajveer was an evil person and he would have killed Sam and run away, so Kritika actually did her a favour and she was purnished too. He says it is a matter of us. He says he does so much for this family and left Money, fame and business. He says what he got is nothing and yet they keep blaming him over and over again whenever things go wrong, even his Wife is blaming him! Shabnam smirks.

Sid says do you want me to see drama, and says he is a good human, but not devta.
DD says she agrees and really appreciate that he has always solved their problems but he shouldn’t make them feel indebted to him as they didn’t ask him… he helped them with his consent. She says himself, his family and GrandAunt stayed here. She says half of the problem in her life is because of Sid and his family. Shabnam smirks happily that she has brought discord into the family. DD says he is responsible for the problems in Sam’s life and says he needs to know that.

Sid says she’s right… and says she took much time to say this as he has done what he wanted to do. He says he took all the troubles coming on this family upon himself and gave his blood, life, sweat everything for this family, even sacrificed his own family, and says Roshni used to hate her…but she united them both. He says he accepted all of them as his family, and reverse the customs of the society. He says it was his mistake. He should have stayed separately with Roshni. He thanks her for showing him his place that he was never part of her family. DD says she never said that and says thank you for doing all this for us, and asks him not to be devta… She then asks why Yash sent the papers after Sid left?

Sid says he really doesn’t give a damn and don’t know anything! He says he’s really tired and says he wants to unburden all the responsibility from his shoulder and wants to live for himself. He thanks her for making him realize that about his life. He says she and her family are separated from her now. He says she can live her life and he will live his. He says thank you all the Patels. Roshni tries to stop him, but he leaves angrily. Roshni’s Grandmother asks DD to stop him. DD says it is not required and that too today. Roshni breaks down in tears and goes to her room.

Shabnam tells herself that Sid used to call himself the best Son-in-law but she has been able to get rid of him! She thinks it is a big blast and thinks she has really enjoyed it. She says these people threw him out like a mosquito, and one day will kick these people out of the house!

Roshni is in the bedroom, replaying all that happened in her head and crying.
Shabnam goes to her and tells her not to cry on the day of her fast. She says Roshni shouldn’t have fought with Brother-in-law and says he might have taken a wrong step. She says she’s also worried for Sam as Yash might not forgive her. She tells Roshni to give Sid a call. Roshni calls but he doesn’t answer her call. Roshni cries and tells her he is rejecting her call. Shabnam secretly rejoices.

Sam says she’s sure that she would have talked to Yash and resolved the matter. She blames Sid for her problems with Yash! Roshni warns them to stop saying things behind Sid’s back as she can’t tolerate it! Mona asks if Roshni expects them to praise Sid!

Roshni’s Grandmother enters the room and reminds her that Sid has done so much for Sam but Mona cannot see it! She says Mona couldn’t see her daughter’s mistakes, and asks her to think when her brain gets calm.

Roshni’s Grandmother takes Roshni out of the room. They go into Roshni’s room and her Grandmother tells her that she needs to stand by Sid. Roshni says he’s not answering her calls. Her Grandmother tells her that Sid does so much for this family and the question is raised on his doings, so he is angry. Roshni says he went in the morning hungry. Her Grandmother tells her to be patient because he will come back to help her break her fast and won’t allow her to be hungry.Shabnam is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Sid is sitting on a bench at a park. He replays the events that happened earlier on in the day. A Tea Vendor approaches him and asks him to take some tea.
Sid gives him some Money (1000Rs. Note). The Seller refuses to take the Money. Sid says he can’t take the tea due to a fast with his Wife. The Man asks what he’s doing there when he’s fasting? Sid thinks about it and becomes remorseful, hoping Roshni would forgive him. He gives the Money to the Seller asking him to give the tea to the needy.

Roshni goes to meet Mona by the pool to apologise. Shabnam puts some Water on the floor. As Mona turns to leave, she slips and as Roshni tries to help her from falling.
Roshni falls into the pool. Shabnam says Roshni got some Water in her mouth, so it means her fast is broken! Sid enters and says it’s not a problem. He carries Roshni out of the pool and says the Water was by mistake which means the fast has not been broken.

Shabnam is in her room folding her clothes. Sid enters and says he’s happy she’s packing her bags. Shabnam asks why? Sid says she’s a conniving, evil person. He says she can fool everyone in the house of her schemes but not him. He shocks her by saying she’s too eager to harm Roshni. He says he’s Roshni’s husband and will never allow anything happen to her. He says all she can do is spew venom but as long as he’s alive, she can’t harm Roshni or his family. He gives her 24 hours to pack her bag and leave the house!

It’s time to break the fast.
DD gives compliments to Roshni and asks about Sid? Roshni tells he came, but then left somewhere. DD says she will call him. Just then, Raj and Simran come there and meet DD. Simran asks about Sid? DD says he is not picking the call. Just then, the electricity goes off. Sid comes and says Sid is here. He says this is her Son-in-law’s Magic. He fowards his hand and holds Roshni’s hand. He sings Hasi Ban gaye… and dances with Roshni. Everyone looks at their dance performance happily. Roshni and Sid see the Moon appearing and they’re happy.

Sid leads Roshni to the Pool, while Kritika-Bunty; Raj-Simran too perform the Karwa Chauth (fast) ritual.
Sam is almost in tears as she has to use a photo of Yash on her Phone to break her fast.
Roshni- Sid exchange eyelocks as Roshni breaks her fast. Shabnam too opens her fast. She glares at Sid-Roshni. DD smiles watching Roshni complete her fast. Sam is forced to break her fast herself. Roshni also breaks Sid’s fast. Sam sadly looks at Sid-Roshni.
Aisha gives Sid her mug to drink some water from it. He gives Roshni a sip and takes some himself.
Simran bends to take Raj’s blessing but he stops her saying she’s his friend; dont do this, as it feels strange. Simran says… traditions.

Later at night, Sid and Roshni are in bed. She tells him that she thought her fast was going to be in Vain since he left angrily that he won’t return to open her fast. He says he will never allow that. Sid says where would he go without her? Roshni asks Sid not to talk of fights anymore. Both hug and say I love you to each other.

Sid wakes up in the Morning with a headache. He calls Roshni. He looks and doesn’t see Roshni in the room.
He finds his shirt buttons open and he’s about to get up when Shabnam pushes him down saying what’s the rush. Sid is shocked to see he is in a different room and Shabnam is there. He asks her what mess is this and what did she do? He asks what he is doing here!
Shabnam says she doesn’t know he feels such things for her. Sid fumes on her and says what is this! Shabnam says a Man and Woman together, alone in a room, what could have happened? She asks him to take a guess? Sid screams on Shabnam and slaps her. Shabnam says dont shout, you will be the one embarrassed. Well you came here 2 hours back. You gave me 24 hours, and I destroyed you in 2 hours. Sid slaps Shabnam again.

Shabnam threatens to ruin his reputation and says right now, she has only defamation gift for him; Imagine, how a drunk Brother-in-law forced himself on his Sister-in-law. She says he shouldn’t have given her 24 hours. Sid grabs her by the neck and asks how did he get here! Shabnam says he spiked the Karwa chauth (fast) Water Aisha gave him and he got here.

Sid forces Shabnam on the bed and says do what you want. No one will believe you! This is Sid Khurana’s family. They know me, my heart and my soul. Neither Roshni, nor my family will believe you! As he turns to leave the room, she throws some Photos at him. He looks at one of the Photos and his eyes grows wide.

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