King of hearts update Wednesday 22nd January 2020


King of hearts update Wednesday 22nd January 2020

King of hearts update Wednesday 22nd January 2020; Subhadra calling Payal and informing her that someone was searching her in the basti yesterday. Payal thinks who might be the person. She thinks if Satya and Mahi, and then thinks they didn’t know about it. A woman is seen in Subhadra’s captivity. Satya hears her and comes to Mahi. He informs her that something is wrong and he has to go and find the truth. Mahi tells him that she will come with him and everything is happening with her. He asks her to meet him within 10 mins. They come to Subhadra’s house and tells that they came to do population survey. They enter the house forcibly. Subhadra runs inside the room and covers the captive woman. Satya tries to break the door, and sees Subhadra eloped from there.

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Subhadra runs on the road while Satya and Mahi follow her. She calls Payal and tells her that someone is following him, but she didn’t tell them anything. Payal asks who were they? Subhadra cuts the call. A speedy truck hits her. Subhadra faints and fall down. Satya and Mahi reach there. Mahi asks Subhadra about the secret which is hidden from her. Subhadra tells that Payal has hidden a secret from her and it is her garage. She asks them to save her, and gets unconscious.

They call ambulance. They pray that Subhadra gets fine soon. Payal comes to the basti and searches for garage. Aleena follows her and informs Satya. Satya asks her to keep eye on her till they reach. They ask someone about the garage. They come to a garage and get inside. Payal comes to the same garage and asks for Subhadra. Man informs her that there is no Subhadra here. Payal goes. Satya and Mahi search for the right garage.

Gangu Tai meets someone and tells her that Satya went to Dubai for work. Lady says it is good. Gangu Tai leaves. Payal sees Aleena in the car’s mirror and thinks she has become smart. I will teach her a lesson now. Gangu Tai sees Satya in basti and gets shocked. Payal smartly goes, while Aleena searches for her. Mahi falls down. Satya gets concerned. Payal comes the right garage and asks the woman to get up. Mahi asks Satya not to worry about her and come with her. She takes woman inside the garage and closes the door. Satya and Mahi looks on.

Gangu Tai comes there and slaps Satya. Satya is shocked. He says Aai. Gangu Tai accuses him for lying and asks what is he? Thief? Satya says I am not doing anything wrong and asks her to give a chance to explain. Gangu Tai sees Mahi and accuses her for troubles in his life before. Mahi tells that Satya has not done anything wrong. Gangu Tai asks who are you to come in between us. Satya says she is my wife and your bahu. Gangu Tai is shocked.


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