King of Hearts Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Zee World, Yash laughing and says sasumom gone…..Roshni is in shock and sees DD fallen on ground.

<<King of Hearts update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World

Sid comes to Yash and beats him. Yash says my motive is fulfilled, now you can beat me or do whatever you want, I have snatched your happiness, and you couldn’t do anything. Sid tries to strangulate him with the same chain. Police comes and takes Yash in custody. Yash tells Roshni that Sid is the one who killed Sasumom, and tells Roshni that DD would had been alive if you would not have fallen for Sid. Roshni is in shock.

Yash says I will die with my wish and jumps from the building, dies. Simran and Raj comes there. Sid tries to talk to Roshni, but she goes past him and sits near DD’s dead body. She says mom…you are sleeping, you need rest. Sid cries miserably. Kesar also cris. Roshni says mom never relax and is always busy in work. She asks her to give her fashion magazine to read. Ambulance comes and takes DD’s body. Roshni asks the hospital staff to make sure DD takes rest. Sid cries.

During the funeral, Pandit ji asks Sid to give agni. Yash’s words echoes in Roshni’s ears and she takes the fire from his hand. Everyone is shocked. She asks him to stay away. He says you really tried a lot, but you couldn’t become my mom’s son. She says we were living in the fantasy world and thought about our happiness. She says our love, marriage and everything was right and the outcome is mom’s death. She says we should understand now. Sid is shocked and says only you have not lost your mum, but I lost my mum too. He says how can you blame our relation.

Roshni says you came in between me and my mum. Everyone is shocked. Roshni says my mom would have been with me. She says we haven’t understand before, but now we shall be separated. Sid is shocked and says you are blaming me for sasumom’s death. Roshni says mom have gone for forever and will not come back. She says legally you are not a murderer, but whenever you will come infront of me, I will recall mom’s murder. She says you must have tried to save her, but our love overpowers, and you have became selfish and killed her. She says you have killed her. Pandit ji asks her to give fire to body. Roshni says I am daughter as well as son. She gives agni to DD’s dead body. Sid cries miserably. Roshni also cries. Sid hugs Raj and cries looking at the pyre.

Sid is in his house and recalls Roshni’s words. Raj tries to console him. Sid says whatever had happened, Roshni is holding me responsible for this. He says my God knows that I have tried from my level. Raj asks him to give some time. Sid says DD asked me to take care of Roshni and I have promised to take care of her, but what will happen if she kick me out from her life. Raj says Roshni will realize your need and asks him to show sensitivity in Roshni’s case.

King of Hearts Update Wednesday 27th November 2019on Zee World

Simran says I can’t see my son sad and asks Raj to do something. She says Roshni have announced my son as a murderer and asks why she is punishing my son. She says I can understand that Roshni is her daughter, but she is badmouthing about DD and Sid’s relation. Raj says Roshni is feeling herself as an orphan. Simran says we are there for you. Raj says I know, and have to handle her with patience. Everything will be fine with time. Simran asks what if not?

Roshni sits in car and leaves. Kesar cries. Sid comes there in car and asks where is Roshni? Kesar says everything have ended, she went. Sid asks where? Kesar says Pune. Sid sits in car and thinks you can’t leave me Roshni. He reaches railway station and searches for her. Roshni sees him and tries to take her stuck dupatta from the window. Sid looks at dupatta piece and says Roshni. He misses her as the train leaves. He thinks I won’t let you go far from me. He gets a call from Raj. Raj tells him that Mumbai-Pune train have met with an accident and nobody is saved. Sid cries miserably and says Roshni………..

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