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In King of Hearts update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Zee World, Sid says this marriage won’t happen. He walks in win aanya. Naina asks what is this jamai Raja. Sid says a big decision and before that I want u to know a big truth. Aanya wants to talk.

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Naina asks Aanya what truth , tell me. Aanya faints. She falls in sid’s arms. Neil asks him to leave her. Neil picks her up and takes her in.
Kritika and Raj are talking of something. Raj says I smell something burning. Simran is burning roshni’s pics and all this related to her.Raj and kritika reach there. Raj asks what happened. Simran says u knew roshni is back still u hid this from me. Simran says I got to know this , I won’t let her destroy my sons life. Raj says roshni is his life. Simran says she has destroyed his life , don’t tell me all this now. I know her very well.

She won’t come in this house ever , even her shadow won’t come. And if u want to bring her then either I’ll live or she will. Choice is yours.

Raj asks Kritika to bring water. She brings water and extinguishes the fire.
Neil says I’ve seen Aanya isn’t happy with u. Sid makes faces like he’s irritated. Neil says I know him very well when Naina questions him. He says now he’s irritating her and doesn’t let my sister live in peace. Sid says have had enough of ur nonsense. I’m not interested. Sid says you don’t know anything. The doc comes and asks who is Aanya’s husband. The doc says the girl wants to talk to her husband.

Sid goes in. The doc says all will be fine.sid says Aanya I’m very very sorry I shouldn’t have been so harsh. But Aanya I didn’t know what to do. Aanya says I had told that day don’t save me. Sid says nothing is complicated when Aanya says everything is complicated she says I’m pregnant. He’s shocked. She is crying. He is shocked

King of Hearts update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Zee World

Aanya says I’m going to have a children’s father has left me. Aanya says there’s a way , if we get aarav all will be fine or else I’ll die. Sid says I’ll get him back but u have to promise me that u won’t let Neil and Ragini get engaged. She asks why , how is it connected. He folds hands in front of her and she agrees.

Sid comes and says she’s fine. He goes , roshni comes in. Roshni says please stop this. Sid says u should stop ur rash decisions and ur irrational behaviour. Your mom knew of it and I’m just fulfilling her promise to take care of u. I’ll prove that I’m right , I was never wrong , I never moved on. You’re spoiling four lives. Roshni sees him going. Roshni says I know how to stop all this.

Neil shouts on Naina coz they are preparing for party when Aanya is I’ll. Neil thinks there’s a problem. He goes. Ragini comes in.

Naina shows her the ring. Roshni shows band aid in ring finger. They make her wear ring in right.

Mami asks Ragini if she knows of jamai. Naina asks her not to speak nonsense. Sid asks for passenger details for a person on a flight. Sid says please tell.

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