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King of Hearts Update Wednesday 6 November 2019 Zee World, a woman comes in and hugs Raj forcefully he asks who have sent you here please?

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Sid records them and silently apologizes to Raj, and says Ayesha’s life is in danger, that joker sent me here to ruin your respect. The woman pushes Raj and screams for help saying this man is playing with his respect. Sam thinks about Yash consoling and hugging Roshni and yells at him for his closeness with her. Yash says Roshni is just my friend and says he will not make her understand again. He says you are just waste of time. Sam thinks I know you are lying?

Simran watches news about Raj trying to molest a woman, and says my Raj can’t do this. Roshni too sees the news on TV. DD says Raj ji is such a gentleman and says what nonsense. They see Sid giving interview and he says that he can’t tell anything now.

Reporters ask if you have any doubt on your dad. DD says what’s wrong with him. Raj is such a strong character man and wonders why Sid is not standing up for Raj. Roshni asks what is happening? Joker watches the news on TV and says I will snatch all your relations from you.

Roshni goes to the hotel and slaps Sid. Sid holds his cheek. Roshni says what are you doing? She says I didn’t know how it feels to be with Dad. I got to know this after I married you, and got Raj’s love as her dad. She says you got dad’s love, who must have told you that I am with you when you was scared. She says what did you give him in return, this insult.

You would have supported him? She asks him to think once and says Raj can’t bear this? She says when I trust dad fully why can’t you? Simran looks at him cluelessly. Sid tries to speak, but limits himself. Simran asks him to stop it and says you have lost your parents, and may be you can lost your respect too. She asks Roshni to take her from there.

Roshni tells the reporters that she wants to tell about Raj. She says Raj is like a God and he can’t do any mistake. She says I have faith that whoever is trying to trap my papa will not succeed. Reporter says it seems Khurana family is breaking up? If Raj will be able to come out of this mess?

Joker laughs at his plan to trap Sid and Raj. He plays with a toy train and says Sid will be ruined. Sid’s family members photo is seen there. Sid feels ashamed and helpless to record the video, recalls Roshni’s slap and Simran’s anger. He washes his face. He says I am sorry Roshni, I am sorry dad, I wish I could tell you that this has been done by that joker. He says if I do any mistake then Ayesha’s life will be taken away, I can’t let this happen. He gets joker’s call.

Joker praises Sid for his work. Sid says I have done your work, now return my daughter. Joker says you have to obey me and disconnects the call. Sid says joker wants me to be broken, but I won’t break and won’t let my family suffer, this is a son’s promise. Pinto asks Sid to eat something. Sid refuses. Pinto asks how is everyone at home.

Sid says everyone is broken, all the relations…..He says I want to go home and hug my dad and wife, but can’t tell them why did I do this? He says how can I go home after accusing my own dad? He says Ayesha is still in that joker’s captivity. I am helpless but not weak. I know what to do? Shabnam comes out of room. Sid asks are you ready? Shabnam nods tensedly.

DD asking Kesar to remove ‘S’ name from SR brand. Kesar says people know this brand with its name. DD says I don’t care and asks him to use money and get S removed. Yash tells DD that SR together is the charm for the brand and tries to convince DD to let Sid’s initial be in her brand. DD asks him not to convince her and says she don’t trust Sid anymore. She says it is very irritating.

Roshni sees Simran and Raj sad. Bunty comes and tells that the news is shown on TV. They switch on the TV and sees Shabnam giving money to that woman. Sid catches her red handed and tells that he already knew that it was her work. He says dad is his God and he stayed silent infront of media as he was not having any proof before. DD thinks she has misunderstood Sid. Roshni says I have misunderstood him and says he might be upset with him. Simran says our Sid can’t be upset with you.

Roshni hugs Raj and says everything is fine. DD regrets on her decision and says I don’t know how I will eye contact with him. Kesar praises Sid. Yash says I told you naa that everything will be fine. Resham praises Sid infront of Ganpath and sees Shabnam walking on the road. She follows her.
Shabnam sees her and hides. She throws banana peel and makes Resham falls down.

Sid asks Shabnam if she is mad? He says I told you not to go out. He tells Shabnam that he made joker angry by disobeying him. He says I took your help to save my dad’s respect. He gets Joker’s message. He comes to a certain place and sees Ayesha playing with a joker while standing on the terrace end. Ayesha enjoys playing ball with joker and asks him to continue playing.

Ayesha is about to fall, but joker holds her hand. He says we will play hide and seek game with your papa. Video gets off. Sid shouts joker….Ayesha.,….Joker asks did you think that you are oversmart? Sid warns him that if anything happens to his daughter then he will not spare him. He says I have stuck to your rules and have ruined my dad’s name. He says you didn’t tell me that I can’t clear his name. Joker says your next task is you have to divide your sasural people.

Sid agrees and says you will not be spared Joker, I promise that…lets play the game. Joker laughs. Joker comes to the room and removes the gloves. He says you might be thinking who am I? May be your old enemy. He removes his get up and says this is a game. He says you have no enemy………………..and reveals his face. He turns out to be Yash. He smiles evilly. He says I have given you a task and you was oversmart. He looks at Ayesha’s pic.

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