Kulfi the singing star March Teasers 2020 starlife


Kulfi the singing star starlife March Teasers 2020

Kulfi the singing star March Teasers 2020;  It centres around a young lady who is facing a lot of challenges in her effort to get back with her father.

421st episode – Monday, 2nd of March, 2020

Sandy, in order to put Kulfi and Amrya to the test, incites them against each other. Soon after, they both get involved in the severe feud as Sikander makes an effort to protect the future for them.

422nd episode – Tuesday, 3rd of March, 2020

The dispute between Amyra and Kulfi breaks the group into two factions, while Sikander succeeds in bringing peace between the two siblings. Soon after, he resolves to bring problems upon Jimmy.

423rd episode of Kulfi The Singing Star – Wednesday, 4th of March, 2020

The dangerous agenda of Sikander is getting Sandy and Raju worried while Sikander is assaulted by Jimmy’s thugs. Afterwards, Sandy secures a job in Jimmy’s office after earning his trust.

424th episode – Thursday, 5th of March, 2020

Amyra and Kulfi plan to celebrate Diwali in a grand style while Sikander puts his masterful agenda into action. Soon after, they resolve to find Sikander’s precious coin.

Kulfi the singing star March Teasers 2020

425th episode – Friday, 6th of March, 2020

After Amyra and Kulfi did not succeed in finding the precious coin, Sikander encourages them not to lose hope. After some time, he finds Mohsin Khan while the children fall over a critical hint.

426th episode – Monday, 9th of March, 2020

Amyra and Kulfi strategise to bring Sikander’s precious coin back, and Amyra frightens them that she will reveal the responsible ones, while Kulfi is singing her happy song.

Kulfi The Singing Star – Tuesday, 10th of March, 2020

Jimmy gets slapped by Moshin Khan, and the residents of the society are yet to embrace the gifts from Sikander. Kulfi and Amyra throw a challenge to the wrestlers.

428th episode – Wednesday, 11th of March, 2020

Sikander is proud of Kulfi and Amyra as they emerge winners of the Dangal. On the other side, Sandy is working hard to get an insight into Jimmy’s illegal enterprise.

429th episode – Thursday, 12th of March, 2020

Sikander takes a bold step to challenge Jimmy, who is being misled by Sandy. At the same time, Kulfi becomes unconscious after secretly learning about Sikander’s activities.

430th episode – Friday, 13th of March, 2020

Kulfi gets an interrogation from the police while Jimmy lets himself tricked by Raju’s mummy. Then, she uncovers some shocking facts after getting into her old house.

Kulfi the singing star March Teasers 2020

431st episode of Kulfi The Singing Star – Monday, 16th of March, 2020

The kids ask Sikander to render a song for them, but he goes over his head, recalling all his misdeeds as a result of his sickness. Later, Raju calls him, while Kulfi is resolute to find the issue between her and her father.

432nd episode – Tuesday, 17th of March, 2020

Jimmy gets Moshin intoxicated with drugs during the launching of the album and brings the occasion to a break. At the same time, Sikander faces him and makes open the reality concerning his warehouse. Jimmy proves he is ahead of him by kidnapping him, while the lives of the girls are at risk now.

What you have read so far in Kulfi The Singing Star teasers above are just a highlight of the bigger picture of what you should expect in the series. You are assured of one thing, and that is the fact that each teaser you watch promises to be fun-filled.



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