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Monday Update have it that Kulfi tries to make new friends as she enters her classroom seeing her classmates singing but eventually woke up and realises it was a bad dream.


Kulfi demands Tevar tells her what will happen in school today, Tevar says new books, notebooks. Tevar gets a call for meeting,he says I will come after 2 hours, he says sir needs to see urgently, Tevar says I can’t I have my daughters school, Kulfi requests Tevar to go. Tevar calls Sikander. Sikander with Amyra prepping her for school. Tevar tells Sikander his problem,Sikander says don’t worry I will take her alone with us don’t worry, Sikander says Amyra come let’s get going quickly we have to pick Kulfi as well, lovely asks why, Sikander says because her father is busy and leaves to get amyras tiffin.

lovely says did you see amyra how he is rushing you,your dad was never there for you but look how he is available for kulfi and you still thing you won’t have to share your dad with her,Sikander walks in and says Amyra come baby let’s go. Sikander asks kulfi why is she so silent,Kulfi asks what happens on first day,amyra says he doesn’t know because he wasn’t there for my first day and dad talk to her later help me revise my lessons,Sikander says okay my girl and starts revising. Tevar sees the contract and says DK as per talks with RK this isn’t done,DK says it’s revised, Tevar asks why,he says because you are too busy with your daughter,Tevar says but that’s not affecting with my singing,DK says the thing is we don’t want your songs,Tevar says I signed a 5 year contract, and so went to no other producer,DK says now you can go to shall I help you with numbers.

Tevar gets angry and leaves.Dk calls tony and says your work is done. Sikander hands Kulfi her new books, Kulfi says I want to ask something,school bell rings,Sikander says later now go and before that give me a hug, Kulfi hugs him and leaves hesitatingly, Sikander notices that and thinks why is she so nervous let me stay. Kulfi walking to class room helps a classmate but they tease her for picking wrapper.Few guys wave at her,Kulfi replies her name,they make fun of it and nickname her softy and leave teasing.

Amyra sees all that and feel bad for her. Kulfi is even teased in class, Kulfi opens the book and worships them,kids think she is smelling them and tease her. Ma’am enters and begins with attendance,Kulfi has no idea what’s happening.kulfi gets confused on asked to open English text book, kids laugh on her,ma’am scolds her,and punishes her,and asks her to get out.kulfi walks out crying, Sikander sees her and rushes to her,Kulfi says Ma’am threw me out,I’m not understanding what’s happening, security asks Sikander to leave. Kulfi in tears looks at him.sikander asks her to calm,and with a marker writes on his white shirt and helps her, Kulfi says thank you I understood see you after class.

Kulfi says sorry to ma’am and gets in the class,ma’am asks her to note down things on board,ma’am gives kulfi a note for her father,ma’am asks everyone to come prepared with their homework the next day,before kulfi could note down,a classmate erases it and leaves,Kulfi says what will I do now.

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