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Kulfi the Singing Star Update friday 15th November 2019 on Starlife, Bhola wiggling with children, pakhi points at landowner and says he can currently dawn raise mummy for cash.

Kulfi puzzling over however she is going to get to Pakhi and says god are my friends right, is their no relation between Bhola and cake, Kulfi sees 2 identical twins named Sikander and Bhola and says thanks god, for serving to me and please facilitate me realize him currently.

Landlord meets Nandini and tells them concerning prank, and gets terribly angry, Nandini apologies and says promise they shall ne’er copulate, he says my three months rent is unfinished and this, Nandini says i will be able to clear all dues promise, he says i do know a doctor doesn’t earn abundant and your husband and girl, you also ,use be needing a husband, he’s useless, Bhola gets angry, Pakhi calms him down, he says see you next week then.
Nandini scolds Bhola and Pakhi, Pakhi makes excuse and run away, Nandini scolds Bhola, Bhola says he’s unhealthy man, appearance weirdly at you, I don’t like him, Nandini says okay go have food, go wash your hands.

Amyra rushes to beautiful and says daddy and me went mall, and he bought me this, explore this iPad, i favor this male parent quite the before me. Nandini sees grocery is out of stock within the house, she manages parathas and pickles for Pakhi and Bhola. Bhola asks won’t you eat, Nandini says I had it long back.

Lovely asks what, amyra says dad use to be thus confused between me and Kulfi, however currently he doesn’t say no to me and simply consider me.
Kulfi reaches home,Sikander calls her, and asks her wherever she was all the day, Kulfi lies says i used to be with my friends, Sikander starts riant, Kulfi gets frightened, Sikander says bear in mind inform me before going anyplace, i do know you’re upset with me, however i will be able to take care of you too currently, from these days itself escort me.

Sikander says Kulfi you’ve got to create me proud, begin singing, you haven’t experienced too for therefore long, I will’t sing forgotten music however can perceive thus begin directly, Kulfi starts singing, Sikander says another song, Kulfi in tears with Sikander’s behaviour, Sikander makes her sing and sing, Kulfi appearance at Sikander’s photos and misses him.

Sikander says you sing all emotional song, currently sing one thing exciting, Kulfi sings,Sikander says you would like to figure laborious, Kulfi’s throat starts aching and she or he stops, Sikander scolds her, and says this won’t work you’re my girl don’t specialize in pain it’ll reclaim, begin singing.Sikander says make preparations at 6early tomorrow we’ll execute.

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