Kulfi the singing star update Friday 22nd November 2019 on Starlife, Chandan meets a person and offers himself as kulfis supervisor, and says he will make Kulfi win a ton, Chandan concurs.

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Bhola and Pakhi in rally to acquire for Nandinis books, Chandan kulfi and chief close by, Kulfi gets terrified seeing the spot, Chandan says this is crusade, decision battle, here we will meet government officials so simply head inside and sing. Kulfi says I’m frightened I won’t almost certainly sing, Chandan requests that director proceed and chides kulfi and drives her to sing. Kulfi feels sikanders nearness, and gets anxious. Supervisor hands sikander cash, Chandan says Kumar (director) you take care of kulfi I have significant work and leaves.

Beautiful meets Nandini in bistro. Bhola approaches serve for cash, he says after rally, you continue saying the trademark, Bhola begins having hiccups, Pakhi says I’m with

you who must miss you. Kumar says kulfi you have unique space for you how about we go. Dazzling talks about sikanders case with Nandini. Exquisite says can one mishap bring such radical change, Nandini considers Bhola and says this can occur, I’m encountering such case. Nandini reassures stunning and requests that her contact her if any issue. Kumar gets a call and leaves.

Bhola finds a top, and wears it, priests searching for Bhola Patwardhan, and begins calling Bhola, Bhola supposes they are calling him, they powerfully take Bhola in front of an audience and request that he address the gathering. Kulfi feels sikanders nearness, and runs out.

A part asks what will you do to destroy destitution, and wellbeing of ladies, Bhola ignorant continues talking insignificant, Kulfi hears voice says its Baba, yet unfit to see him. A gathering part covers for Bhola. Before Kulfi can reach ahead, diversion is made to stop the battle, all creat mess.

Kulfi and Pakhi stall out, Bhola races to Pakhi and embraces her and asks where did that man with cash go, Bhola and Pakhi surge out as well. A man tumbles down and misfortunes his specs, Bhola strolls to him, with his sack, he gets content with Bhola for his trustworthiness and gives him his cash. Pakhi staggers and gets injured, Bhola gets frightened and requests help, Kulfi thinks baba was close me where did he go.

Nandini admonishes Bhola for taking Pakhi with her to the rally, Bhola apologizes, and says I don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with her, I will adapt gradually I guarantee, Pakhi says don’t reprimand him, it wasn’t his misstep, he took care of me, Nandini says sorry to learn, and don’t stress over books I got them back, Bhola gets energized, nani says will you pardon him so effectively. Nandini says what you need me to do, quiet down if it’s not too much trouble how about we go Pakhi.

Nani says to Bhola, I gave her the cash to purchase books, Bhola says thank you, nani reproves Bhola, and clarifies him what being spouse is, and be commendable before calling one.

Precap : Chandan searching for kulfi, discovers her in stable, and in annoyance days her before everyone,all in stun.

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