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In Kulfi the Singing Star update Friday 6th December 2019 on Starlife, Kulfi Kumara is seen in the show. Kulfi songs are very difficult to record. The time of recording the Kulfi song falls and it gets badly hurt. Alexander becomes very upset for Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar’s latest show has been seen in the show. That is recording the Kulfi song. Then the middle cut is cut in between. After repeated cuts, Kulfi can not sing songs. Vikram scolds Kulfi and explains that it is like this here. Good to think good, good to think. Kalpi starts thinking about himself and Sikandar. Only then will the kulphi change the song. Everyone is surprised. Kulfi is injured. Mahendra gets very upset. Only then Vikram scolds those who work.

At the same house Sikandar Amayra is teaching the song Alexander is thinking that the Amaira could never sing well, today Amayra has been very good singing. Amaira says that you have never trusted me that I can sing well.

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While Kulfi comes home, Alexander sees that Kulfi gets hurt. Alexander asks how hurt has happened. Alexander yells at Vikram. Vikram says that children are hurt. As soon as injury, the medicine was given to Kulfi.

Come to meet Alexander the Kulfi at night. Alexander inquires with Kulfi what happened there. Kulfi tells that someone accidentally pushed him, so he fell. At the same time, when the papa gets up in the morning, he sees that the house is completely decorated. Then Alexander comes out of the kitchen. Alexander says that you are angry with me, but your teacher can not be angry with your disciple today. Guru is full day.

Kulfi the Singing Star update Friday 6th December 2019 on Starlife

Kulfi was performing at the occasion. She was hindered by the maker continually who continued shouting at her. Vikram requested her to demonstrate  expertly. She reviewed her minutes with her dad and sang from her heart. Everyone was stunned to hear her singing about her dad. Someone pushed her and she fell on the ground. Mahinder went to her to treat her injuries.

Sikander was rehearsing with Amyra and commended her for her extraordinary singing. Mahinder entered with a harmed Kulfi. After observing her condition, Sikander was incensed and accused Mahinder and Vikram for his recklessness. At the point when everyone rested, Sikander came to Kulfi and gave her turmeric milk and got some information about the occasion. She disclosed to him that it was an undesirable encounter for her.

Sikander blew up finding out about it. Kulfi needed to out of the circumstance and inquired as to whether singing from the heart was amateurish. She argued Sikander to support her. Toward the beginning of the day, Sikander arranged for Guru Purnima and wished his older sibling. He mentioned Mahinder to give him back his Kulfi and spare the family. Mahinder carefully won’t and requested that he back off.

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