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In Kulfi the Singing Star update Monday 11th November 2019 on Starlife Sikander has food with amyra and feeds her, Kulfi feels neglected and in tears, amyra likes it. beautiful sees kulfi upset, amyra says pater I baked you cake.

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Kulfi says why you job him that.gunjan says Sikander could god provide you with blessings, Kulfi thinks is cake upset with me, why is he behaving this fashion, let me take a step, sikander says everyday in hospital I prayed i buy home and have food with everybody, Mohendar says why wait then let’s go, Jonny barks at Sikander, amyra scolds him, sikander says could also be he isn’t feeling hospital smell everywhere me, and tries to choose Jonny, Jonny runs away, Kulfi thinks why did Jonny runaway.

Sikander says wow however pretty let’s have it i would like a giant bite, and says thus toothsome, what a cake, I actually have ne’er had such toothsome cake it took away all medicines bitterness. Kulfi says I created pinni for you, sikander says not currently I don’t desire, all are shocked, sikander says I mean I simply had cake thus not currently, I’m tired, gunjan says affirmative go rest. beautiful says Amyra go take pater to his area.

Sikander walks in his area and says what a room so says I lost this room tons, my favorite area, Kulfi says however you wish music area, sikander says wasn’t any longer, however I won’t be able to sing any longer thus what is going to I do thereupon area, Kulfi holds his hand and says you sing together with your heart thus i do know you may sing back presently, we’ll begin rehearsals from tomorrow, sikander says i do know I can’t, i would like to maneuver forward thus I actually have taken call I shall ne’er sing any longer.mohendar says don’t consider all this take rest, Kulfi tries to speak, Mohendar says kulfi let him rest currently, let’s go.

Lovely says Sikander you rest i will be able to get you, your medicines. beautiful tells Mohendar I spoke to doctor that Sikander is behaving wired, he aforesaid sikander is stressed thus this modified in behaviour, and that we got to provide him area, Gunjan says all is ok however poor kulfi, beautiful says don’t worry sikander is home presently he can patch with Kulfi too, we’d like to hold back.

Sikander in his area, beautiful walks in and says here your tablets, have them farewell, sikander says beautiful wherever square measure you going, sikander walks to her, holds her hand and says come back sit with me, love, and remembers her last fight with Sikander, amyra sees kulfis sweets in electric refrigerator and feels terribly happy. Kulfi walks to amyra, amyra says oh however unhappy, pater had my cake, hugged me,don’t be unhappy, I’ll justify you, he has spent longer with me, thus I’m his favorite you aren’t, i assume he learned it it’s me and not you, Kulfi feels dangerous and leaves.

Beautiful says you would like one thing, sikander says affirmative i would like you, sikander thinks why is she thus frightened, and says I’m home when farewell, and didn’t even meet you properly, i used to be unwell however I’m fine currently beautiful, everything is ok, beautiful says we tend to square measure happy to possess you back, please rest currently, sikander says come back then, beautiful says Amyra doesn’t sleep while not me, thus I’ll be along with her, you sleep well, beautiful thinks why is he thus sweet, could also be he has forgiven me,I’m thus happy, Amyra says mammy i would like to raise god for a want, that the method he’s giving me attention, he ought to keep doing, and not love Kulfi quite me, and if god grants me this want I’ll ne’er purchase new toy, beautiful says you don’t ought to do thus, calm down, your pater loves you, and can always remember you, Kulfi hears that and runs away.

Lovely walks to kulfi and sees her upset and crying, and says i do know you detected us, however you recognize what, you’re terribly matured then Amyra is, and it’s unfair that it’s continually you’ve got to face hardship and don’t feel dangerous concerning amyra, she simply gets jealous as a result of she must share her pater, she’s going to eventually learn that, you saved Amyras life, provide her it slow too, we tend to all can would like time to settle with these changes, Kulfi asks why did he ignore me, beautiful hugs Kulfi. Sikander appearance at kulfi in anger and says shutup alternatively i shall kill you, thus head to sleep, and dont utter a word to anyone.

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