Sikandar here in Kulfi the singing star update monday 16th December 2019,  was saying this can’t happen, Kulfi is sleeping as I have sung a lullaby. He asks Kulfi to get up and not joke. He says sing along, come on. He cries and asks Kulfi not to be silent. Kulfi’s soul leaves the body. She asks Sikandar to stay happy with Lovely and Amyra. Sikandar says you are my tiger, come on, get up. Doctor cries….Tevar says this will be a memorable day, I will always keep my promise. Lovely recalls Tevar and her engagement and his promises. She gets crying seeing him with Minty. Monty asks are you feeling emotional for me. Tevar drops the ring. Minty asks them to look for it. Tevar goes to Lovely and asks her to say it, he will end all the drama. Amyra gets the ring and asks Tevar to make Minty wear the ring fast, she wants the

cake too. Tevar makes Minty wear the ring. Everyone claps. He gets emotional and hugs Amyra. Lovely goes. Cutie goes after her and asks is Guddu Tevar? Lovely nods. Cutie asks her not to have any feelings for Tevar, Sikandar shouldn’t know this, she has no place for Tevar in life. Lovely says I understand and goes. Cutie says she will ruin her married life this way, I have to do something.

Nurse asks Sikandar to come out. Sikandar says no, he is just acting, he always jokes. He asks Kulfi to get up. Nurse makes him out. Reporter asks is Kulfi your child, how did accident happen, did you do this accident. Sikandar asks what nonsense, leave me alone. He goes inside again. Reporter says Sikandar got angry with the question, who is Kulfi and who are his parents, there are no answers. Kulfi gets in heaven and sees beautiful butterflies and rainbow. She sees Nimrat and smiles. She runs to Nimrat. Nimrat stops Kulfi and says don’t come closer. Kulfi asks why, because I didn’t apply hair oil, you tie my hair neatly, hug me first. Nimrat says no, you can’t come close to me, I love you more than myself, so I can’t hug you. Kulfi says this isn’t love, we embrace the one we love, you became a star and left me all alone.

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Nimrat asks her not to be angry. She says if I hug you, you won’t be able to go back. Kulfi says I won’t go back, there is everything here, even you, I want to live with you, I don’t like anything except you, take me in your lap. Nimrat hugs her. Maa….plays…. Nimrat asks Kulfi to sit, if she loves her and wants to see her happy, then she has to go back, you are very young, you have to do a lot in that world, you have to meet your dad. Kulfi says no, I didn’t get him, I met David, I did big mistake to believe me as my dad, Sikandar got so worried, its fine, you say that you are both my mum and dad, forget it now. Nimrat says you will get your dad, you are very close to your dad. Kulfi asks where is he, who is he.

Sikandar asks Kulfi to come back, will he do this with his Guru, open eyes for God’s sake. Nurse asks him to sign on Kulfi’s death certificate. He cries and says Kulfi is not dead, he is with me, he can’t go anywhere. Nurse says please sign…. Sikandar shouts Kulfi….. no…. Nimrat says your dad is with you. Kulfi asks where, who is he. Nimrat tells something. Kulfi gets shocked. She says the door will get closed, come fast. Kulfi says I don’t want to go. Nimrat takes Kulfi and runs to the exit. Sikandar is about to sign. Kulfi gets conscious. Sikandar gets shocked and says he is alive. Nurse puts the oxygen mask and goes to call doctor. Sikandar asks what do you want to say. Kulfi recalls Nimrat’s words, to get her dad by making Sikandar read that book, her dad is close. She sees Sikandar.

Kulfi the singing star update monday 16th December 2019

Lovely panics after knowing Kulfi is a girl and says i have to tell this to Sikander and walks to him,Mohendar says Sikander i want to talk to you, Sikander says yes tell me,Mohendar says look this will make you angry but poease listen to the whole thing first, Sikander says don’t scare me is Kulfi fine, Mohendar says she is fine,Kulfi isnt a boy she is a girl, she isnt any random girl but your and,Mohendar sees Amyra and Lovely and keep quite.

Sikander says Kulfi is with us since so many days one minute and leaves,Amyra says mom Kulfi is a liar and now dad has to punish her. Sikander gets in Kulfis room,he sits beside her, Sikander llets her hair loose and says what secret is it kid that you couldn’t say,you have beard so much my dear but still always had a smile,you truly a lioness and my princess,Amyra walks in, and asks will you punish her because she lied, Sikander says we have no idea what the reason behind it is, Amyra says when i lied you took my phone away from me but Kulfi you never take her as wrong and starts crying, Sikander says look at her she is in pain,Amyra says now iim very sure that you love her more than me and im nothing to you and walks away.

Sikander says how will i punish till I know the truth. Amyra crying and says i hate her,Tevar walks to her and says wwheres it lost your smile,Amyra says i dont have time for this,Kulfi is a girl and dad is changed too, dad hates lies but he isnt upset about kulfi lying,like Kulfi is his daughter and im not.Tevar says stop crying and hugs her, and says you are the most lovable for your dad and he loves you a lot you are my daughter i mean like my daughter.

Kulfi opens her eyes and says ma, Sikander sits beside her, Kulfi says i saw my ma i spoke to her and then she left, it hurts when people you love the most leave, Sikander says when you kniw that why did you go away from me,Kulfi says by mistake and never will do that im sorry, but why are you addressing me as a girl, Sikander sats this boy has lovely hair,Kulfi says i will have moustache soon, Sikander says how about some dolls and starts laughing, Kulfi thinks god i broke promise he found the truth.

Tevar says you know we have one thing in common,its we hate liars and performs and sings for Amyra and makes her smile,Amyra joins him rap, both dance together,Tevar says you rapped so well where did you learn this,Amyra kisses him and says from you,Tevar emotional hugs her. Kulfi covers her face and says you found the truth, Sikander removes it and says still you are my tiger, Kulfi says aren’t you upset, Sikander says why did you lie ,Kulfi says mama told me till i find my dad i shouldn’t tell anyone that im a girl and who my mmom is and where i belong too, Sikander says dont worry all is good,i will be back,Kulfi says im missing mma will you get her belongings.