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Kulfi the Singing Star Update Monday 18th November 2019 on Starlife, Chandan goes to the restaurant and orders drinks and starts drinking and having food alone, leaving Kulfi in car.

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Bhola seen by Nandini to be angry, Nandini asks why are you angry, Bhola says you are home late, Bhola says I got you gift and hands her spectacles, . Nandini in tears says what will I do if spectacles, I need them to read books and you sold them. Chandan comes out of restaurant drunk, he walks to a man counting money,the man hands Chandan drugs.

Chandan drives home. Nandini tells Bhola that they were not just books I had bought them with great difficulty, Bhola hands her pakhis books and says read from these, nani says he knows no importance, Nandini starts crying says my exams are approaching what will I do, it’s not his fault he just wanted to help. Nani scolds Bhola, Bhola says I’m sorry I don’t know what is happening but looks like I did something wrong, Nandini asks nani not to abuse Bhola, Bhola feels bad and leaves. Bhola goes on streets alone, says she doesn’t want new spectacle but old books, she is so stupid, and nani always keeps scolding me.
Chandan holds all is money and is very happy, says one recording gave me so much money she is a jackpot, let me call Balwant and ask him to get Kulfi as many recordings as he can. Kulfi sees Chandan hiding money in flower pot and is surprised, she hides and later enters the room and thinks why must he be hiding money, he is acting just like mami use, how do I find if he is greedy and breaks pot purposely, Chandan rushes in and about to hit kulfi but Lovely gets in. Nandini gets worried for Bhola, Nandini asks nani to look after Pakhi and she will find Bhola, nani asks Nandini not to do so, and asks her to forget Bhola, Nandini says for Pakhi and her happiness I have to get Bhola back, and he is not a bad person, he tries a lot to keep us happy, let me get him home.

Kulfi demands forgiveness from lovely on breaking vase, lovely says it’s fine step back but where did money come from, Chandan says I kept, Chandan says Mohendar gave me back so I kept in vase, did I make a mistake again, lovely says calm down it’s just strange,and kulfi go sleep. Kulfi thinks all this is so strange, and runs away. Bhola wakes up dreaming of kulfi as angel, Kulfi in his dream says why don’t you come to me please come, a man comes and wakes Bhola, Bhola sleeping infront of his shop, Bhola starts saying angel, and asks bhaiya where is angel, he says there is no one but why are you here, Bhola says I was guarding, he says I don’t need, Bhola says I want those books I gave yesterday, he says 2000, Bhola says I don’t understand that, but if I give will you, he say she’s, Bhola hugs him and says you are so nice. Nandini arrives there looking for Bhola, landlord walks to her and starts troubling her and says I’m so worried for you and don’t feel lonely I’m always with you, Nandini says I’m not alone, please leave me alone, he says don’t waste your life behind Bhola he can’t satisfy you but I can, just give me one chance, Nandini runs away. Chandan talks to Kulfi and says tell me truth you broke the vase purposely right, Kulfi says no by mistake, Chandan says mistake is I’m not keeping an proper eye on you, anyways put these earphones and hear the song and rehearse.
Chandan forcing Kulfi to sing. He plans to take Kulfi to ceremonies and functions for singing. Amyra comes to Chandan and questions him why he is not helping her in the riyaz. Chandan says she is the daughter of a superstar and so doesn’t need to work.
Lovely gets shocked to see Sikander aka Chandan’s strange behavior towards Kulfi.
In the morning, Pakhi comes running towards Nandini and questions her about Bhola. She longs for Bhola and requests her mother to bring him back.
Bhola comes back. Pakhi gets delighted. She asks Bhola not to leave her alone ever. Nandini also warns him.
Lovely keeps an eye on Sikander. She fails to understand why Sikander is behaving so rudely with Kulfi. She says why Kulfi is having a doubt on Sikander.
Bhola tells Pakhi that he needs two thousand rupees. They take ten rupees and rush out to make it two thousand.
Kulfi finds the drug packet lying on the floor. She discloses the packet to her remand home friends. Rocket sees the packet and learns that it is drugs.
Rocket states that Kulfi’s doubt might be true about Sikander.
Chandan comes to the recording studio and gets into an argument with the director.
Bhola and Pakhi decide to join a political procession to earn money.

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