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In Kulfi the Singing Star Update Monday 7 October 2019 Starlife, Kulfi runs to lovely and asks is she fine, nimrat thinks somebody look after me too and says I’m fine I will go chnage.

Lovely in balcony sits and keeps drinking, Kulfi walks to her and says this drink is not good, don’t have it,I will get you water, Lovely says you are my big problem, and you made Sikander marry Sikander very good, Kulfi says please listen, Lovely says you think you won, but Lovely will never let you win, and what you have done, you will have to repay, and leaves.

Lovely hears Nimrat complain, and says first she married Sikander and now I will marry him and she will cry, gunjan Didi thinks she got me here, but I’m the master, her friend says you are mad you made his tattoo too, nimrat says I fooled them on this tattoo, and that Kulfi I hate kids but she is so easy to be fooled, and my name Namrata I even changed it to nimrat for Sikander, and once I marry him, I will throw everyone out, first those two girls, Amyra and Kulfi then everyone.

Lovely says Amyra baby I love you I’m fine, and everyone loosen up always so serious, come let’s have drink, no I will have then,Lovely starts dancing, Sikander holds girls and takes them aside.

Kulfi talks to nimi and says Ma my stomach is aching help me, as if something is wrong. Lovely walks out thinking about nimrats words, she sees Sikander and walks to him. Mohendar says Sikander don’t think much, All will be fine, Lovely says Sikander, and starts laughing, Kulfi hears her voice and runs inside, Lovely says congratulations sikander, whatever is happening is so correct, you deserve all this,and sings happy birthday for him, and leaves.

Amyra looks at Sikander disturbed. Amyra goes to Amyra and says mom why did you do this, you promised me my family but dad will marry bad aunty, Lovely says baby don’t waste your energy in all this, baby don’t cry, Amyra says mom it was my dream of happy family and it’s over, Lovely says love I told you all will be fine, come to mom, we have to snatch your dad.

Amyra says mom you will break this promise,Lovely says no ways, baby I swear on you, I will get your dad back to you, you will get your life back, I will use Kulfi to throw Nimrat out of here and then something like this that your dad will throw Kulfi out of your dads life, and you will never have to share your dad, just trust your mom, Amyra says yes mom I trust you, Lovely asks will you help your mom, Amyra says yes mom.

Sikander hugs nimrat, and looks at Lovely and asks Nimrat for a dance, lovely takes a seat aside and starts drinking, she walks to Sikander drunk, and says what a performance, you never danced with me anyways applause for the new couple in town,sikander holds Lovely while she slips.

Amyra says Kulfi you have everything now and will tell him too that you his daughter,Kulfi says I have promised you, and so will never tell him, and he is my father and I did all this to look after my father.

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