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Kulfi the Singing Star Update Saturday 12 October 2019 Starlife, Sikander says she sent yet I found my solutions she needs separation let me get my legal counselor no more talks.

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Kulfi says you generally state never meddle between older folks, so don’t meddle between children, so center around Lovely and you and get them back, this house isn’t home without them, Sikander says alright and leaves.

Sikander concentrating with Kulfi, says great you are advancing, Kulfi says enough, what you need to ask, I realize you need to inquire as to why we battled, Sikander says I need to ask how did both of you fix up.

Kulfi says by what means will I converse with you, Amyra says I will deal with all that, Sikander discovers kulfi and Amyra, Sikander gets in the room and embraces them both,lovely digs out from a deficit and asks Amyra is she find, amyra embraces her,lovely says Amyra how about we go and removes her, Sikander leaves with Kulfi,Kulfi and Amyra wink at one another.

Tony demonstrates flawless marked legal documents, what will I manage without him, Amyra says tear it mother, tony pulls it from amyra, amyra says mother no papers no separation if father needs Kulfi, let it be I won’t be envious, I will oversee however I need you both please mother, stop this battle, Tony says these papers are reflect, open your eyes, Sikander has the wrong spot for you in his life,amyra says no it’s not, Lovely says call the legal advisor, amyra attempts to converse with Lovely.

Kulfi hears bipping sound, and finds a walkie talkie close to her toys, Kulfi hears Amyras voice, Amyra says K1 its a code, this is a walkie talkie with the goal that we can talk subtly, K1 is your code and A1 is mine, Kulfi says how about we name our group too,amyra says later there’s a major issue father marked separation paper and sent it.

Beautiful going out, amyra starts acting, she starts yelling in agony and says my belly is tormenting, it would be ideal if you remain with me. Kulfi asks Sikander to assist her with studies or she will be tossed out of the class, she doesn’t need this to occur. Flawless consents to stop and Sikander Agrees as well.

Amyra discloses to Kulfi I discovered how separation happens on web, and recounts to entire story to kulfi, Kulfi says who are judges to choose, we will choose, amyra says in the event that they would hear us out this could never occur and they will isolate us, Kulfi says that won’t occur, we won’t let them arrive at that spot, you stop Lovely and I will sikander.

Amyra says how are you so idiotic, they won’t fix so soon,divorce is exceptionally awful and in the event that they discover we are companions, Kulfi says sisters, amyra says how about we start with friends,they will isolate us, amyra says how about we play our game,

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