In Kulfi the Singing Star Update Sunday 13th October 2019 on Starlife, Amyra holds his hand, Sikander says my princess, amyra asks you won’t leave me right,Sikander  says I will pass on without you, Sikander state that won’t occur.

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Sikander says baba why this, Baba says take it what god is offering you now since what was yours will consistently be yours. Amyra opens her eyes, Lovely starts crying, amyra says father, Sikander embraces amyra.

Exquisite asks Sikander what choice he made, Sikander says I will relinquish Kulfi and be with amyra, Kulfi hears that, Sikander says I won’t converse with Kulfi I guarantee, yet I need some time,so I can send her loading up, Lovely says alright.

Flawless opens the two jugs and says child I guaranteed I won’t disregard you and be by your side,I adore you infant, amyra says mother, Lovely expels her breathing apparatus and hears music, Sikander enters singing melody.

A vehicle makes a trip and several discovers Kulfi oblivious, they see her on a paper cut out with Sikander and state we need to take her to Sikander gill.

Kulfi awakens and ends up in her room, and says how could I come here, I was on street the previous evening and that truck, and says might be Baba discovered me, and hurrying to him he recalls Sikander’s choice to relinquish her.

The young man says thanks to Kulfi for her recommendation, and says mother is fine now, conviction does has power bless your heart. Kulfi strolls alone on the streets, she sees a sanctuary and strolls in furiously, and converses with god says I trusted in you however you grabbed everything ceaselessly.

I told everybody that you will do good yet you generally break my accepts, and from today on I won’t take a gander at you, I don’t put stock in you any longer. Kulfi says Ma you generally said do great and positive attitude occur.

Kulfi remains in center of street and says in the event that you are mother come spare me, or else I will pass on here, a truck approaches her, Kulfi says presently I’m coming to you since you won’t, truck by passes Kulfi, Kulfi envisions nimrat embracing her and blacks out.

Sikander says she never let anybody remain against me,she is attempting me recall me and I’m making her extremely upset, yet I need to do it, I need to overlook her for purpose of Amyra.

Sikander sitting alone crying, and says god please stop this, she thinks of me as everything adores me the most, this is foul play. Kulfi says my dad doesn’t realize he is my father and surrendering me what will I do, Sikander recollects how Kulfi was consistently there for him.

Dazzling strolls in with her gear, Jonny barks at her, exquisite says very. Sikander says we should go check what’s up with Jonny, Lovely says how could you overlook me now I am back and you will realize who is your own.

Kulfi terrified exits, searching for Sikander and discovers him sitting alone in gallery, and says he can’t see me away in any event, for couple of minutes yet today he settled on such important choice of warding off me, presently even I will desert him, Kulfi hears him cry.

Kulfi pivots seeing Sikander get up, both feel the strain, Kulfi figures he did due to conditions, I will be upbeat for him till I’m here, Sikander strolls to her and calls her, Kulfi says brighten up amyra is fine now, cmon eat something, Sikander leaves, locks himself and starts crying.

Sikander opens the entryway, and grins at her wipes his tears and says goodness my little Sardar, you continue talking and talking, reveal to me a certain something, where did you go alone the previous evening, a couple got you home securely to me, what might I do on the off chance that something would transpire, Kulfi thinks in the event that you give it a second thought, at that point why send me away, on the off chance that you thought about our connection you could never send me away and says I’m grieved.

Kulfi says please, open the entryway we will rehearse together, Sikander figures in what capacity will I disclose to you I won’t be with you any longer, I did everything with you since you were here, Kulfi says cmon open the entryway quit pitching fits.

Stunning says I’m sorry amyra we lost, I made a decent attempt however we lost your father, I’m so heartbroken, your father didn’t return, Lovely expels poison from her satchel, and says child I’m worn out battling and now need to rest close to you for ever in harmony.

Kulfi converses with young man and inspires him, and requests that he accept that his mother will be fine, Kulfi says like I trust me amyra and Sikander will remain together.

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