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Here in Kulfi the Singing Star Update thursday 17th October 2019 on Starlife, Sikander says I won’t let my girl leave from me and races to get her.

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Nimrat induces her to pursue her girl to recover her to her Father. She thanks god for rejoining Kulfi and Sikander, keep my family cheerful and together and Nimrat leaves.

Amyra prepared to play with Sikander, beautiful says cmon play, Sikander represents Amyra, amyra gets terrified, and says thank you father, after so long I feel homely,we will resemble this right.

Sikander says yes go to your room I need to converse with your mother, amyra says you will battle once more, Sikander says no you go to your room, I will be there, amyra leaves. Sikander recollects how frantically stunning needed to send Kulfi away, Sikander returns home and sees dazzling.

Sikander says god my little girl was with me all the time,nimrat says and you couldn’t perceive her and grins, Sikander says this is the reason we are so associated with one another and I feel that torment when she is away from me,and some way or another we get back together on the grounds that she is mine, my little girl, nimrat says cmon get up go get your girl,

Sikander finds the vehicle however discovers Kulfi absent and other traveler in it. Sikander heart broken says Kulfi dear your dad is holding back to see you, Sikander picks Kulfi’s structure and goes towards life experience school, eager to disclose to Kulfi that he is her dad.

Sikander arrives at school, and requests Kulfi and presents himself as Kulfi’s dad, Sikander conveying roses and presents for Kulfi and energetically hanging tight for her, he envisions himself being with Nimrat when Kulfi was conceived and by them when she grew up.

Sikander anxious, and says god I’m so apprehensive, and says What if Kulfi poses me each one of those inquiries she had been asked every one of these years what will I answer her, in any case she needs to ask it’s her right, however in what capacity will I disclose to her she is my little girl and starts rehearsing, and says we generally felt the association right, this is on the grounds that I’m really your little girl.

Sikander says she more likely than not arrived at a few seconds ago, she says no ways, there no young lady here, Sikander indicates photograph, she says no she isn’t here, Sikander shows structure, ma’am says it’s not our life experience school and demonstrates the first structure.

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