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Kulfi the singing star update thursday 19 December 2019

Kulfi the singing star update thursday 19 December 2019, Kulfi walks to Sikander and says lets rehearse,come Amyra, Kulfi starts singing, Sikander looks at them qnd scolds Amyra and says where are you lost why didng you learn lyrics, people are working hard for you,you just taking credits why dont you understand, Amyra gets angry and leaves. Kulfi stops Sikander says trust me its not wrong Amyra will learn and you swore on me you wont deny for concert, Sikander says why did you do that,Kulfi says im going to Amyra to help her learn song and you wont deny for song and leaves.

Sikander starts drinking.

Tevar upset and sees Amyra upset and walks to her and asks whats wrong,and thank god your smile is back, Amyra says you bring it,but that Kulfi she is best and she always takes love from everyone,all was okay but now all are with her,Tevar says you have someone on your side,Amyra says you, Tevar says yes and always will be yours and i was prankster you know,Amyra says lets have fun then,Tevar says this independence all will be free from lie.

<<Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 18 December 2019

Tevar goes to get records,he says some lady is already here for you,Tevar says that must be lovely and runs to record room and sees lovely burning the file and stops her and says now i have proof and sees Kulfis name and says how is Kulfi my daughter’s name.

Kulfi walks to Amyra with cookies,Amyra crying and says leave,Kulfi says i know im a liar but why creat problems with Sikander sir,Amyra says i know everything about performing and shows Kulfi how she will cheat,Kulfi says that is cheating and this song is about freedom and so this isnt done i will help you with things,Amyra gets physical with Kukfiyand says shut-up and get out and leaves in anger, Jonny barks,kulfi says jonny i know she is wrong but we will helo her out.

Tevar says how come kulfi, Lovely says she is,(Lovely tricks Tevar into all of this plan and purposely gets himnto birth register office) Tevar says how come kulfi she said Nimrat is her mother and you didnt know she was a girl, Lovely says its a long story i couldnt abort our baby,so i handed it to a women named Nimrat from Chiroli but she died and so i called her back and it was nimrats brothers idea to send her as boy to avoid problems with Sikander and Amyra,Tevar says i dont believe even a single word of yours and so im going Chiroli to find the truth.

Kulfi the singing star update thursday 19 December 2019 Starlife

Lovely says how can you,Tevar calls Master to make all arrangements rent money cancel concert but by hook or crook he wants to reach concert. Bebe realises Sikander is drunk and scolds him, Sikander starts laughing,and says i am as i was,i did find some light due to Kulfi but the darkness is too much ut couldnt light see i am going back to ditch my music my guru, kulfi like i had ditched my love 7 years back,see you people stay away too,i will ditch you too,i am a fraud, and leaves.

at the concert,anchor mantra welcomes everyone,begins with explaining importance of freedom,Amyra getting ready,Lovely worried.

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