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In Kulfi the Singing Star Update Thursday 26th September 2019, still on Sikander and Lovely’s issue, the two seems to feeling to big to reconcile as Kulfi also is against the Divorce which seems to soon happen.

Kulfi here having a knowledge of her mother’s pain, doesn’t wish or want Amyra to go through the same as they two, being Kulfi and Amyra shares their sorrows secretly.

Kulfi could see how Amyra’s childhood will be destroyed if her parents get separated. Amyra consoles Kulfi. Sikandar sees Amyra and Kulfi hugging and sharing a sisterly moment, He gets happy seeing them together. He wanted them to understand each other. He feels Lord has finally heard his prayers. Amyra sees Sikandar and starts fighting with Kulfi to fool him. She doesn’t want Sikandar and Lovely to know about their friendship and planning.

Sikandar scolds them for not thinking of others and fighting. Amyra tells the same thing to him, since he isn’t understanding how his divorce decision is affecting her.

Kulfi pretends the fight to trick Sikandar. Kulfi and Amyra meet in the school and discuss their new plans. They both get angry when the boy speaks against Sikandar and Lovely. They get into an argument with the boy and show their unity. Kulfi and Amyra get Sikandar and Lovely for the practice and give them the changed script.

They lie that that the pricipal has given a new script to practice. They tell them to enact well, since they are playing the lovers who can never get separated. Gunjan and Tony get the walkie talkie and try to find out how Amyra and Kulfi are communicating and why. Gunjan find sout Kulfi was lying to her, and is trying to unite Sikandar and Lovely with the help of Amyra. She tells the family about Amyra and Kulfi’s plan.

Mahendar gets happy to know that Sikandar is patching up with Lovely. He tells Gunjan not to interfere in the matter. Bebe also supports him. Sikandar and Lovely try to rehearse the lines and fail to properly voice out. Amyra feels her plan is failing. Gunjan sees them together and questions them about their plan.

Lovely trying to cope up with the dialogues, Sikander and lovely acting very plane,Amyra and kulfi look at each other,Rohan walks in and starts laughing and says this isn’t love story but comedy, I will go tell daddy that we already have won, Lovely scolds him, his parents walk in and says firstly dare you talk to my son in this tone and this hall is booked by me and take care of your daughter in such times the get spoilt the most, Sikander stops lovely from arguing.

Rohan plays song, his parents begin performing, looking at it, amyra and kulfi surprised,Rohan applauds and says very good, great,Rohan says kulfi loser is the word and you two can leave, Kulfi and Amyra get upset and leave the room, Rohan’s parents start laughing, Lovely says she left crying because of your son how could you, his mom says it’s because of you not my son.
Gunjan hears Amyra and kulfi talk that their plan is failing and asks what plan amyra, amyra says play aunty, gunjan says what about practice, Kulfi says they aren’t able to cope up with the lines, amyra says they can’t even perform a play for me,I’m so angry and leaves crying.

Rohan’s father says you can do nothing for Amyra, Sikander you gonna loose everything, lovely stays a bit and holds sikanders hand and says when it comes to our daughter we can do anything for my daughter and kulfi, he says we will see, Sikander says we will.

Gunjan talks to the girls and says think something else for carnival anyways the marriage was a drama, so one day it was to end so it is going to. Sikander and lovely walk in, amyra holds kulfis hand and about to leave, Sikander says I can’t see you two upset, Lovely says you were upset, Sikander says you left me, Lovely says why didn’t you stop me force me to wait, sikander pulls her close, and says what if you leave again, lovely says don’t let me go and hugs him.kulfi and Amyra smile.gunjan burst popper by mistake, Kulfi and Amyra very happy.

Amyra says what a scene wonderful,we wanted exactly this in our play, Kulfi says you rocked it, Lovely says we will work all night, sikander says my princess won’t loose, amyra goes hug them. Kulfi stands aside and smiles, in tears. Kulfi prepping for Christmas Eve, Amyra records, Kulfi says Jesus Christ and Krishna lord are so similar, gunjan says you two jelling up, finished your fights, Amyra says we are on break till play, gunjan says even with Sikander and lovely, Kulfi says what we know we are kids, gunjan thinks I’m so confused what are these girls upto, Amyra and kulfi talk, how to continue lovely and sikanders love. Amyra explains kulfi what is miracle, Kulfi says what we want to happen, between Sikander and lovely so you can return.

Amyra says every year I place the star on Christmas tree this year you do it, Kulfi says we will do it together, Kulfi says it reminds me of mom, amyra says let’s wish her merry Christmas. Amyra says I saw in film if during Christmas, two loved be together below this star, their love stays forever, Kulfi says I will get Sikander, you get Lovely, amyra says they have to come on their own.

Now the two lovers who seems to be having issues appears with cake then feels surprised as they two appeared with cake. Sikander then said this is how to vanish bitterness. The two girls then get happy seeing them together whereas, Gunjan seems not to be happy seeing everyone Happy.


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