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Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 30 June 2020; Kulfi the singing star 30 June 2020, Lovleen threatens Nimrath/Chalu to get out of her house, else she will call police. Chalu says she can call anyone she likes, nobody can get her and daughter out of this house. Lovleen shouts this is her house. Chalu shows fake hospital admission documents and says she was in hospital for more than a year. Jimmy tells Lovleen that Nimrath has document proof and already she created a lot of drama in front of media and guests, so she shouldn’t create any more drama now. Lovleen stands fuming. Chalu asks where is her husband Sikandar and searches him with Kulfi. Kulfi takes her to a room where Sikandar was, but they don’t find him there. Chalu asks if she is sure her father was here. Kulfi says yes. Lovleen walks in with her puppets and shouts at Kulfi that she doesn’t care if she brings fake mother, she will kick her out of this house and will never let her meet her father. Kulfi says she is searching her father since a long time and nobody can stop her from meeting her father. Chalu thinks girl is learning to fight back under her guidance. She tells Kulfi let us go to h er room and takes her away. Amyra asks where is dadda. Lovleen says he is safe and she need not worry.

Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 30 June 2020 In her room, Kulfi continues crying for her father. Chalu tries to calm her down with buffoonery, but Kulfi says she cannot cheer up with Chalu’s dinadhindha. Chalu goes to washroom and opens tap, gets afraid hearing a sound and calls Kulfi. Kulfi hears sound and says her baba is in this house itself, reminiscing make same sound once to alert Sikandar. Chalu says only 2 persons can know the technique to follow sounds in pipe, she knows what to do next.

Lovleen continues fuming. Her mother offers her drinks. She throws it away and says Kulfi knows that someone is trying to harm Sikandar, soon Kulfi will take over Sikandar’s company and kick her out of this house. Mother calms her down and assures that however clever Kulfi is, she cannot win over their evilness. Next morning, Lovleen wakes up shouting at servants to bring her juice, her mother also walks in asking where are servants. Chalu informs Kulfi that she paid 1 year’s salary to servants and gave them leave, they are happy to escape from bhagad billi Lovleen, now she will get her team in.

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Kulfi the singing star 30 June 2020 Lovleen wakes up in the morning shouting at servants why didn’t they keep her smoothie yet. Cutie also walks to her shouting where are servants. Chalu informs Kulfi that she gave 1 year’s salary to servants and gave them leave, they are happy to be freed from bhagad billi Lovleen, now her assistants will join as servants. Watchman brings Chalu’s assistant Antar and Mantar saying they want to work for Lovleen. Antar and Mantar start overacting and say they wan’t to work for her and can do anything, cook for her, do her make up and hair, etc., on whatever salary she gives. Cutie gets happy hearing that. A girl walks in saying they are lying. Lovleen asks who is she. Cutie says she is her distant relative Beauty. Beauty says its not a coincidence that all servants are missing and these 2 came in, she is sure they are imposter Nimrath’s men. Lovleen shouts at Antar and Mantar to get out. Nimrath walks to them and says she sees truth in their eyes, they look like Sholay film’s Jai and Veeru and she is Gabbar and will not do injustice to them. She asks them to go and prepare aloo parantha for her. Lovleen stands fuming.

Beauty asks what will she do with imposter Nimrath now. Lovleen says she will go to Kulfi’s village Chiroli and prove that imposter is not Nimrath. Beauty says imposter must have done her homework well as aunty told she brought Nirmath’s hospital records, so the best way is to get imposter and Kulfi’s DNA test done.

Kulfi the singing star 30th June 2020 Kulfi walks to Amyra and requests to tell where papa is and reminds papa used to tell that family matters. Amyra reminisces Sikandar’s words, but angrily says she tried to kill papa, so she will not forgive her. Kulfi says papa was fine after surgery and someone tried to harm him after that. Chalu takes Kulfi away from there and asks her to stop getting insulted by Amyra and instead learn to be strong and not take people’s nonsense. Kulfi walks away. Chalu thinks Kulfi always melts.

Kulfi walks to Tauji and asks if he knows where is baba, someone tried to harm baba as baba was fine after surgery. Tauji thinks how to tell her that Lovleen is behind all this, he tries to speak but stop seeing Lovleen standing behind and says he doesn’t know where her baba is and she should go from here.`Kulfi walks away sadly. Lovleen walks in and threatens Tauji that if he opens his mouth, he will lose his wife. Tauji pleads to let Gunjan go, he will not open up his mouth. Lovleen says she saw getting emotional hearing Kulfi’s plea, so if he ever tries she will not hesitate to kill Gunjan. Tauji continues crying.

Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 30th June 2020 Antar and Mantar prepare biryani for Chalu and Kulfi. Chalu says Lovleen has one more joinee and they need double strength to fight against her, so she should eat biryani. Lovleen with Cutie and Amyra join. Chalu asks them to have biryani. Cutie starts acting and coughing. Lovleen gets concerned. Cutie winks. Lovleen warns if something happens to her mother, she will not spare her. Beauty silently walks into Chalu and Kulfi’s room and pours gum on their pillows. Nirmath gets worried that Cutie may die.

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