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Kulfi the singing star 7 July 2020: Kulfi asks Sikandar why he doesn’t want to come with her. Sikandar thinks how to tell what Lovleen is up to. Kulfi says she will write down and he shouts bat his eyelashes twice if she is right. She reads that Lovleen wants to spoil his company’s name and kill him, so he wants to stay back and fight. Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 7 July 2020 Sikandar bats eyelashes twice. Kulfi says they will stay here and fight injustice. Watchman informs Lovleen that lift was under repair since yesterday after now and he got it repaired just now. Cutie tries to signal Lovleen that Kulfi must be here itself. Lovleen doesn’t understand. Cutie writes it down. Beauty shouts that Kulfi is inside house itself. Lovleen asks Tauji why did he lie that Kulfi went from lift. Tauji stammers that he thought she left. Lovleen warns him to forget his wife Gunjan now.

Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 7 July 2020 Lovleen with her team searches Kulfi in whole house. Kulfi walks out into pooja room. They all shouts to catch her. Kulfi holding god’s idol sits down and warns them to dare touch her, else god will punish them. Constable warns inspector not to touch god’s idol, else they will be in trouble. Kulfi starts singing while Sikandar cries inside the secret place. After song finishes, Lovleen snatches gods idol and pushes Kulfi out. A man walks in and holds Kulfi. Kulfi says mama/uncle. Man asks how dared to push his daughter out. Lovleen and her team say Kulfi tried to harm Sikandar and even brought fake Nimrath to stay in this house. Mama says how can Kulfi bring fake Nimrath when his sister is still alive and calls her. Chalu walks in with Jantar and Mantar. Mama says she is his sister Nimrath. Lovleen’s team shout she is fake Nimrath. Mama asks Chalu to tie rakhi to him and says they are brother and sister. Inspector leaves telling Lovleen that she cannot help now as Kulfi’s has strong evidence with her now.

Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 7th July 2020 Kulfi hugs her mama/uncle emotionally and asks where was he, she remembered him a lot. Mama says he was badly trapped in an issue and when he returned to Chiroli, he didn’t find her there; Chalu sister met him and explained what all Kulfi went through. He looks at sky and speaks to Nimrath, then introduces Chalu to her. Chalu says Nimrath’s daughter is a fighter and will win her battle for sure. Mama says as Chalu says they are teen tigada and will spoil Lovleen’s plan.

Game of Love update Tuesday 7th July 2020 on starlife

Kulfi the singing star 7th July 2020 Lovleen and her team discuss how to get Kulfi and her team out of the house. Kulfi gets into Sikandar’s place and asks him how to get him well. Sikandar bats eyelashes. Kulfi asks if they should play book game and writes if only Dr. Jacob Shepard can treat it. Sikandar bats eyelashes twice. Kulfi reminisces Lovely creating a drama and telling media that Dr. Jacob Shepard performed wrong surgery on Sikandar and is absconding since then. She asks where shall she find Dr. Jacob Shepard. Sikandar thinks her daughter is doing her duty without harming anyone’s sentiments, he is proud of her.

star life Kulfi the singing star 7 July 2020 Kulfi tries to get out of hideout via cupboard route, but stops hearing Lovleen and her puppets there. Chalu gets tensed thinking Kulfi should have returned by now. Kulfi reminisces pipe incident and speaks to Chalu via pipe. Chalu hears Kulfi’s voice via water tap. Sattu mama and Jantar/Mantar join her. Kulfi says she is stuck here and cannot come out as Lovleen with her puppet is in room. Chalu creates drama and calling servants loudly sells house furniture. Beauty and Cutie walk out and try to stop her. Chalu thinks she needs to get Lovleen also out and loudly says she will sell Lovleen’s whole wardrobe. Kulfi the singing star 7th July 2020 Lovleen walks out and shouts at her. Kulfi hearing her going out tries to get out of cupboard, but get stuck. Lovleen returns in, but Kulfi hides beside bed by then. Chalu walks in and starts conversing with Lovleen trying to divert her attention. Kulfi gets out of room silently. Chalu continues chatting with Lovleen and sneezes on her. Lovleen shouts to get out… Drama continues..

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