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Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Starlife, Kulfi wakes up, and says it’s such a beautiful place, where am I, is this god’s land, singer walks to Kulfi.

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Kulfi sees him playing with fire flies, and thinks it’s god, he says so you woke up, Kulfi says you look so much different from the photos, he says my photo, Kulfi says your photo is in everyone’s house, singer gets happy, and starts dancing with kufli, Kulfi says he isn’t god and as,s who are you, and where am I, he says in my house, and it’s too cold here have some corn, Kulfi says tell me who are you and where am I, he says I found you near river, and there was no one near you so I got you here.

Kulfi thanks him and says can I call my father, he says I don’t have phone just look at sky and talk to whoever you want to, Kulfi says let me talk to my Baba, he says no worries let’s go to store nearby and call your father tomorrow morning, singer himself introduces himself as tuntuna. Kulfi says today I’m missing my mother a lot, look she is turned to a star now after leaving this world, tuntuna asks try figuring out which one is my mother, Kulfi shows one. Tuntuna asks how did you reach here, Kulfi tells him about accident. Tuntuna walks in and gets food and says when I get scared I have food you have too.

Tuntuna says you should have had my mother’s aloo paratha, Kulfi said mine made yummy too, tuntuna asks where do you belong too, Kulfi says chiroli near Pathankot, tuntuna starts singing song, people gather around, Kulfi remembers singing same song in chiroli and joins tuntuna. Tuntuna praises kulfi and says you sing so well, Tuntuna says you stay with me why do you have to go, Kulfi says I have to my father must be worried, tuntuna asks near by people for a phone, Kulfi makes a call and none gets connected, because the phone has no balance.

Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Starlife

Tuntuna says kulfi don’t worry I will drop you chiroli, Kulfi says now I stay in Mumbai, Tuntuna in shock finding kulfi is Indian, tuntuna asks her to go sleep. Tuntuna worried about kulfi. Lovely arranges plates, invites everyone from chawl. No one likes the food. Lovely thinks about consequences she has to face in chawl and blames kulfi for it. Tuntuna thinks about informing police.

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