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Kulfi the Singing Star Update Wednesday 6th November 2019 on Starlife, Amyra upset about Sikander and Kulfi pair, Sikander and lovely calm her down,amyra says Kulfi and dad will spend time together I’m not liking, Lovely says he will just rehearse with her and all the remaining time with you.

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Mia says now the next round is, Sufi round and we will shuffle your guru, benam group you have your guru Sikander Gill, amyra gets scared. Sikander thinks I know it’s all on purpose but me and my kids won’t give up. Amyra gets upset and leaves. Sikander breaks down, Lovely says don’t worry I will check on Kulfi you calm down.

Zinda and chittu trying to feed Kulfi, rocket says I won’t have food until she has, Lovely slowly signs them and calls them out, Lovely hands them food. Rocket says Kulfi look it’s baisakhi I went gurudwara and got Prasad have some. Kulfi has it. Sikander with kids says let’s begin rehearsals, Sikander asks what is it called, all day harmonium, Sikander says no it’s called rehearsal box, Sikander tries hard and also her friends to cheer Kulfi to sing.

Sikander says how is that possible, Im here for her, Doctor says 48 hours reduce her stress, Sikander says I will, Mia says I’m sorry for what happened, but show must go and by tomorrow if she doesn’t sing benam group will be disqualified and as a guru for this round only you can help her all the best.

Kulfi friend thinking what efforts they can put to make Kulfi talk, rocket says we can’t loose hope let’s keep motivating her. Sikander says to lovely I won’t let my daughter loose the thing most close to her, Lovely says only you can help her like she has always helped you, Sikander says I think I should take her out may be then she will vent her anger on me and speak something but amyra, Lovely says I’m here for amyra.

Sikander reaches venue and walks to Mia, Mia asks how is Kulfi, Sikander says worry about yourself and not Kulfi, and if I find it was you behind Kulfi I will shut this show, Mia says see I know you are in stress so I won’t take in bad sense, but let me clarify it was an accident please come with me, and shows him the mic.

Crew shows Sikander mic, Mia says it’s fine now because it’s an electrical device can act weird you see, Sikander says beware it’s just what I would say, my eyes are on you and leaves, Mia says good job falana you changed the Mic, and Sikander I have the footage so I’m on win win situation and in semi finales round I shall reveal the truth, let’s see audience and yes Amyras reaction.

Sikander goes to amyra and asks what are you doing here, I was looking for you everywhere, amyra says I don’t want to continue with competition, I’m tired of you and Kulfi, I can’t fight more to get your favourite m why you want two daughters, go away, you had left me, leave me again, go away, Mia watching them starts laughing says poor father.

Kulfi gains conscious, Mohendar says Kulfi say something, Kulfi thinking why isn’t Baba here, doesn’t he care about me, Sikander stumbles, amyra asks are you fine,Sikander says you were angry but still came to me,amyra says you are my dad, Sikander says same happened with me, when I saw Kulfi hurt I ran to her she is my daughter too and is small like you, I’m not breaking my promise, I’m not bringing her back, amyra says I love you. Kids ask Kulfi to talk, Bebe says Kulfi talk to dadi, Mohendar says look even aunty is here your friends too cmon, doctor says she is tried let her take her time, let her recover.

Kulfi discharged in Gurukul. Kids see lovely and Sikander at the door, rocket says he left his own daughter how could he do that, Zinda says we are here for her enough of all these talks, Sikander signs Zinda to come out, Zinda tells him Kulfi has spoken a word since she gained conscious, Sikander says I spoke to daughter, she is in shock so, Zinda starts crying and says when my family died in accident I was in shock for 10 days and didn’t talk, Sikander  consoles him, Zinda says thanks to my friends I could speak, Lovely says we need to be patient but thankfully she has friends she will be fine, Sikander says she is fine.

Mohendar calls Sikander and asks did Kulfi speak, Sikander says no, she hasn’t, she woke up for some time slept again,Mohendar says she will be fine don’t worry. Mia addresses everyone in Gurukul about accident, says Kulfi is back in Gurukul,let’s welcome her. Sikander sees Kulfi disturbed, Mia says this round has no elimination all are safe. Akash says is she really in shock or scared of me,see it’s right time step back,Saraswati about to argue, Kulfi stops her.

Kulfi tried to sing, but unable to, Mia watching them says god what’s wrong with her, if she can’t sing I will have to eliminate her I can’t afford that. Sikander says cmon say something, Kulfi tries to speak but unable, Kulfi signs Sikander to get her book and pen, Kulfi writes on it I’m trying hard but I’m unable to, I’m scared. Sikander hugs her and says all fine, don’t worry I’m with you, you will talk and sing. Doctor examines Kulfi and says she is in trauma, after her stress reduces she will talk but we have time span of 48 hours or it’s a serious issue, she may never speak then.

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