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In Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 11 update December 2019 Starlife, Murphy disclosing to Kulfi that her dad will never need her to leave school. He attempts to disclose to her the significance of family however she gets additionally agitated.

<<Kulfi the singing star update Tuesday 10th December 2019 on Starlife

Sikander gets a content from Lovely to return home for a crisis. In the mean time, Amyra is disturbed about Sikander failing to help her.

Afterward, Mia says Murphy has proposed that Kulfi ought to go to class. Vikram gets annoyed about Murphy conversing with Mia alone.

Lovely gets annoyed with Sikander and guides him to remain at home during Amyra’s meeting.

Sikander calls Mia as Murphy and enquires about Kulfi. She reveals to him she is disturbed since morning and hasn’t eaten anything.

Sikander chooses to make nourishment for Kulfi and goes to bolster her hidden as Murphy. He likewise needs her to take out all the resentment with the goal that a tune can have its spot.

Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 11 update December 2019 Starlife

She sings her heart out communicating her biography and torment in her life.

Sikander achieves home to discover media posing inquiries. They additionally pose couple of inquiries from Sikander. Afterward, Lovely begins addressing Sikander where he was. Sikander says he was with Kulfi and made nourishment for her in a snide tone.

He gets a call of Vikram telling that Kulfi has made the melody while Lovely gets suspicious

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