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Sikander begins wih consoling Kulfi over being upset with her books and moves on saying that bakad are getting you new books till then let’s practice tell me what you were studying.

Tevar prays unto god and says if I was alone this struggle would nothing but now I have a daughter, this struggle is hurting me I can do anything for my daughter please help me I will do anything for her studying. Kulfi cheers up and sings a song, Sikander teaches her through song. Akad bakad tell Sikander that they couldn’t find books,Sikander says okay I will talk to her teacher, Kulfi says don’t but what will I do now. Amyra hugs lovely and starts crying and says she is guilty. lovely says don’t be it was just an accident, Sikander walks in and asks whose accident what happened tell me.

Lovely says cold coffee fell on her dress,she is fine.sikander says don’t cry dad will get you new dress,Sikander goes in her dressing,lovely says that’s her old stuff what are you doing,Sikander says found it, and takes amyras old textbooks,and says Amyra my princess dad will get you new dress and leaves. Lovely says Amyra look what dad did,amyra says how would I know he would do so,Lovely says she will take away your dad and you won’t know that too. Kulfi crying, Sikander shows her textbooks, Kulfi says magic,Sikander says god always helps you.kulfi says thank god.

Sikander says now practice how I taught you and show it to Tevar in the evening. Tevar asks tony chadda for help, Tevar says I lost one contract I’m not getting any,tony says you couldn’t handle your stardom,Tevar says I need help please is for my daughter, Tony says it’s not easy to be a dad,Tevar requests tony to help him. Tony denies,Tevar disheartened leaves. Tevar thinks poor kid of mine is working so hard and I can’t even pay for her school. Tevar lost thinking of kulfi,kulfi says Ma please help,I can’t memorise this,Kulfi gets gets call from Tevar ,he says sorry I can’t come early,Kulfi asks are you upset,Tevar asks what’s wrong,Kulfi says I can’t memorise,Tevar says write it down and you will memorise,and keeps the call. Both get into tears and feel lost. Kulfi with her burnt hand tries to write and memorise,Tevar goes to a bar and asks the manager to allow him sing and earn some money. Kulfis hand starts bleeding.

Sikander scolds Kulfi for injuring her hand and making it worst, kulfi says I wanted to memorize, Sikander says you make rotis right,we have to get the correct heat similarly we have to be patient, im their for you, kulfi says i know when you teach me i do remember but what about when you aren’t, Sikander says i am there, you say right im your baba in your dreams so think your baba is helping you, amyra hears that. Sikander says i know you wont forget anything tomorrow.

Amyra goes to her room and is very angry, and shatters everything and says now you will see what yiur daughter can do. Tevar says this is very less, manager says you are very famous singer, why do all this, Tevar says time,can you lend me money,manager says sorry i cant.

Sikander helping kulfi study, kulfi asks where is amyra and she must be waiting for you and also needs to study, Sikander says she stands first in class and lovely is with her dont you worry. Sikander sees lot of amount debited from credit card, and says card is at home whats wrong i will come back and goes home. Sikander asks lovely what nonsense is this shopping, lovely says i didnt ,bebe says calm down your card must be robbed. Amyra shows card to Sikander, Sikander scolds her,amyra says you have no time for me, so i went home and got whatever i want,bebe asks what you bought,amyta says i threw it, amyra starts insulting Sikander. Kulfi stops Sikander from scolding amyra,amyra leaves.

kulfi says i will talk to amyra, Sikander says you go study go home. Tevar gets home, his legs paining and very tired.akad bakad say your legs are swollen. Tevar says nothing, akad bakad say first car then work how will you manage fees, Kulfi rushes to him. Kulfi asks I didn’t see your car,tevar says i returned it, you tell me did you study,kulfi says Sikander sir is helping me and your trouble,tevar says managing.

Kulfi says i know my baba can do anything now you rest i will go study, Kulfi sees tevar worried and says good he didnt see my wound or else would have felt so bad. Sikander talking to Amyra, and asks why did she do that, Sikander says you could tell me i would take you shopping,amyra says just like that, Sikander asks whats wrong with you,i know my princess is very good and smart she has reasons, bebe says Sikander batra is here, Sikander says okay i will be there, amyra says just like that, Sikander says im going now but you will have to tell why. Batra says we couldn’t see for so long,and you are busy,amyra says he isnt busy he is just home, Sikander says go in, amyra says you have no song or shows and breaks glasses, Sikander says amyra get in,batra says i will see you later, Sikander asks lovely did she do anything, Lovely says thats good if she does wrong ny fault.

Kulfi decides to call Amyra.amyra doesnt answer. Sikander thinking about Amyras behavior, Sikander sees her breaking all instrument’s, Sikander scolds her all are shocked, amyra says just like that, Sikander about to slap,bebe stops him,amyra says just hit me thats what you want, Sikander says have you lost it whats wrong,tell me, amyra says nothing and runs away and locks herself. Sikander breaks the door and says theres a limit, amyra says you are just bothered about kulfi, Sikander says we are here why kulfi,amyra says you love kulfi as much as you love me you broke my promise, i heard you talk.

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