Lady Luck Friday update 17th January 2020 Zee World


Lady Luck Friday update 17th January 2020 Zee World

Lady Luck Friday update 17th January 2020 Zee World; Ansh snatches pre-plastic surgery Bhoomi’s pic from post-plastic surgery Bhoomi and shouts he will never accept her as his Bhoomi and she should not call herself Bhoomi. Bhoomi starts crying. Pavitra says she will prove that she is not Bhoomi in a few minutes. Rajender, Dhara, and Bijender come and Pavitra says she called them to identify their daughter. Varun greets them. Rajender says he should never come in front of them. Pavitra thinks parents can easily identify their daughter and imposter’s drama is finished.

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Dhara asks Bhoomi why did not she meet them after coming back and gives her daadi’s prepared special halwa. Bhoomi smiles and asks if daadi added dry fruits in it. Dhara says yes, since she came back, dadi’s mourning is finished now. Varun says she is not our Bhoomi. Rajender says he has changed so much that he did not identify his sister and he is surprised that he identified them.

Pavitra starts yelling that they have gone mad that they are calling an imposter their daughter. Varun asks her to behave. Bhoomi warns her dare not to insult her parents. She herself hits her head door and injures her forehead, calls inspector and informs that her nanad is torturing her. Inspector reaches with constables and arrests Pavitra. Pavitra says Bhoomi is lying and he can ask family members. Inspector says everyone are against bhoomi and he will not accept their evidence and until Bhoomi takes back her complaint, he cannot release her. Constable takes her till door when Bhoomi stops inspector and says she cannot see her nanad behind bars and says Pavitra that she should accept her as her bhabhi now. She thanks inspector for coming and says she got back her family now.

Pavitra in her room yells that she will never accept imposter as Bhoomi. Varun says he does not know how to prove it. Bhoomi hears their conversation standing at door. She reminisces convincing Dhara, Rajender and Bijender that she is their Bhoomi. Rajender says it is difficult to believe, but seeing her determination for her family, they will accept her as Bhoomi. Bhoomi says even dada,daadi, and tauji will accept her bhoomi when they return from pilgrimage. Dhara says she will be very happy if she is proved Bhoomi and will wait for that day.


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