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Lady Luck Tuesday 4 February 2020 update zee world

Lady Luck Tuesday 4 February 2020; Muskan rushes home and asks Kavya to follow her. Kavya asks where. Muskan forces her into auto and takes her to office. Samarth comes out and asks Kavya what is she doing here when he gave her half day leave. Muskan says she brought her here and wants to speak to him. He angrily leaves in car. Kavya asks Muskan why is she playing with Samarth’s feeling. Muskan says she realized her mistake and now wants to correct it and marry Samarth. Kavya says Samarth is not like other boys, he is very sensitive. Muskan says she is telling as if she did PhD on Samarth. Kavya asks what about her boyfriend. Muskan says she gets many boyfriends in life, but not like Samarth.

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At dinner table, Kavya thinks Muskan is playing with Samarth’s feelings, Badi maa thinks about her college, Muskan about Samarth and Sambhav. Kuhu asks them so stop egrapsed in their own thoughts and behave like family, not strangers. Badi maa apologizes and says she was thinking about her college.

Muskan gets Sambhav’s call. She walks into lawn, ignores his call, and calls Samarth instead. Sambhav’s ego gets hurt seeing Muskan rejecting his call. Samarth comes out of washroom and picks call. Muskan apologizes for hurting his feeling. He says she does not have to be sorry as he has moved on and disconnects call. He thinks why he gets emotional when he sees her.

Kavya comes to lawn after dinner, sits on swinger, and thinks why god is punishing Samarth, he should give Samarth some courage and Muskan some intelligence to distinguish betwen good and bad.

Samarth’s driver stops car and says a girl is standing in the middle of road. Samarth sees Muskan with sorry card and asks driver to honk or else driver car over her. Driver honks, but she does not move. Samarth gets out of car and asks why is she troubling him. She does sit ups and apologizes him and says if he proposes her again, she will readily accept him. He asks to repeat. She repeats. He says he wants to marry her. She happily hugs him. Samarth feels himself on 7th sky. Muskan says if he wants to continue hugging or go to office. He parts ways. She says she can walk till his office. He sends driver and starts walking with her.

Muskan walks holding Samarth’s hand. He shops for her and continues staring her. She asks what did she say. He says their marriage theme should be royal with lots of lamps and rest he forgot. Muskan sees them together and is shocked.

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