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Lady Luck update Friday 27th December 2019 on Zee World

Lady Luck update Friday 27th December 2019 on Zee World; Vasundhara cries reminiscing Pavitra dancing sensuously in party. In hall, Ansh asks Latha about Bhoomi and says she does not. Latha taunts if she again started Mr. India game. Latha says she has gone on some important work. Vasundhara comes down and asks where is Bhoomi, if she left. Bhoomi comes back with Pavitra and says she will not get away from her so easily.

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Agram asks how dare she is to bring a cheap girl to this house and asks her to send her out or leave this house. Bhoomi says Pavitra is her friend and she will stay here. Pavitra praises bhoomi. Ugly Suman starts her drama and starts yelling at bhoomi that she will kick her out of house and she does not have right to stay here. Pavitra asks her to stop her drama. Ugly gets angry and says now she will definitely kick out Bhoomi from here. Bhoomi says she is legally bahu of this house and has right to stay here and even bring her guests.

Ugly challenges that she will see who will stop her. Vasundhara stops her and says Bhoomi is bahu of this house and can stay here with her guests. She orders Bhoomi to stay until she separates from Maan and Pavitra is only her responsibility. Bhoomi nods and takes Pavitra from there.

Agram asks Vasundhara why did she take such wrong decision. Vasundhara says the all respected her decision till now and even now should accept it. They all silently walk back to their room. Ugly fumes in front of her husband Bhoomi misbehaved with her and Vasundhara accepted her as bahu. Inder says he is also confused. Ugly says Bhoomi must have brought Pavitra to take revenge from vasundhara. Inder says it cannot be. Latha in her room tells Agram that she is happy that bhabhi maa permitted bhoomi to stay for some more days. Agram fumes.

In her room, Pavitra tells Bhoomi that soon she will also be rich. Bhoomi says she should not have insulted badi maa. Pavitra says she is her mom and she is ashamed of it and starts badmouthing Vasundhara. Vasundhara comes there and tells her to be in her limits. Pavitra starts misbehaving again and calls her dayan/chudail, etc…Bhoomi signals Vasundhara to go. bhoomi then asks her stay here as she likes, but not reveal secret that she is Vasundhara’s daughter. Pavitra says she is ashamed of that and will not untils somebody provokes her.

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