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In Lady Luck Update Monday 18th November 2019, Rajender goes and requests boss as it is only 5 minutes late and they came here from Ujjain.
Lady who took Bhoomi’s interview gives her last chance. Bhoomi and Rajender thank her. Receptionist registers bhoomi, gives her appointment letter and flat keys. Rajender takes him and congratulates Bhoomi. Bhoomi thanks him and hugs him. Rajender goes out, shows letter and flat keys to her family and takes Shanti and Murli’s blessings. Whole family then leaves back home in car.
Bhoomi’s presentation starts. Boss gives company’s introduction and asks Bhoomi to introduce herself. She tells her name, etc. Her roommate identifies her. Surbhi and Varun chat on social media and their romance continues.
Bhoomi starts lunch with her roommate and serves her bitter guard.

Lady Luck Update Monday 18th Nov. 2019

Roommate says he does not like it. Bhoomi says it is very tasty. Roommate likes it. She gets a call and gets tensed. Bhoomi asks her not to worry. Roommate says she has arranged transport, mess food, weekend entertainment, etc.
Shukla family reaches Bhoomi’s flat. Shanti hugs Murli. He says he will not go to meet his girlfriend. She says she saw chockroach. He prays god to make him cockroach in his next life as Shanti only is afraid of it. Whole family get busy preparing food for Bhoomi. Dhara and Janaki discuss how will Bhoomi shop.
Murli says he will shop and Shanti will cook for Bhoomi. Shanti says it is already 6:30 and asks Bijender to go and pick Bhoomi from office. He calls Bhoomi and asks her to wait in office until he comes. Roommate asks her to tell that she will come with roommate. Bhoomi tells that and Rajender signals Bijender to permit her. Bijender says okay and asks bhoomi to SMS him auto or taxi’s number.
Bhoomi walks on road with her roommate and gets into taxi. A man starts following their taxi and repeatedly calls roommate. Roomamate gets tensed. Bhoomi asks to register her name in do note disturb registry. She says she will.
Shukla family gets worried for Bhoomi. Bhoomi reaches her apartment and walks in with her roommate. A man stops his bike and clicks apartmnet’s pics. Room mate enters flat, sees it clean and well decorated and says it is not her flat. Bhoomi says it is her flat and introduces her to her family. Bijender asks if shattered items where hers. She says sorry. Dhara stops him. Rajender asks how was her first day at office. She says very exciting and she has a lot to inform her. Rajender says they will talk at dinner table as they have to go back to Ujjain.
Vasundhara asks Suman and Latha to call jeweller to select Surbhi’s jewelry and also call Bhoomi to Bhopal to select her jewelry. They nod yes.
Shukla family enjoys dinner with Bhoomi’s roommate. Roommate says she did not have such a tasty food since ages. Shanti asks her not to hurry. After food, Rajender gives mobile numbers of doctor, grocery store, etc, to Bhoomi and asks to take their help when needed.
Daada and Daadi say they are staying with bhoomi. Roommate tells Bhoomi it is a small house and only employees are allowed to stay here. Bhoomi says she has not stayed alone in life and needs them. Daadi asks roommate if she needs her house clean and home cooked food, she should not complain. Roommate says she and Bhoomi will sleep in one room and she and daadaji can sleep in another room. Daadi agrees.
At night, roommate goes to washroom. A man enters room, thinks Bhoomi as roommate, makes her smell chloroform and kidnaps her. Bhoomi wakes up and shouts. Man asks who is she. She says he brought her here. He gives her water. His friend Saurabh/Ria’s boyfriend comes and asks whom is she. He says she is girl whom he asked to bring. He says she must be Ria/Roommate’s friend. During their conversation, Bhoomi escapes from there. They both start searching.
Saurabh calls Ria to inform about Bhoomi, but she is busy searching Bhoomi in house. she then sees his missed calls. He calls her again, but she cuts call. He messages her it is about her roommate. She calls him and he says his friend Ansh kidnapped her roommate. She shouts that she asked him to go back to Delhi, but he did not and he wants her back after breaking their engagement. She then asks where is Bhoomi. He says she ran away. Ria panics. He asks her to come and meet him. She says ok.
Bhoomi runs on road crying. She sees Ansh and hides behind tree. Ansh starts searching her again. She starts running again and gets tired.
Rajender and Bijender discuss about their worries for their children. They both say they should call Bhoomi. Bijender calls her, but she does not pick call.
Two drunkards starts following Bhoomi. She panics and continues running. Drunkards hear police siren and flee. Inspector stops van and asks who is she. She says she has lost her address. He asks her to her ID card. She says she does not have. Constable says she must be a pr*stitute and asks lady constables to arrest her. Bhoomi pleads she did not do anything, but lady constables hold her hand.
Ansh comes to her rescue, asks her why did she leave her husband. Inspector asks what drama is this. Ansh asks Bhoomi to keep quiet and tells they are newly married couple who came to this city today and his wife ran away after a fight. Inspector leaves. Bhoomi shouts at Ansh and Saurabh. Ansh gets angry. Bhoomi requests Ria to take her home before dada/daadi wake up. Ria also says same. Saurabh tries to stop her. Ansh gets car. They all get in. Ansh says he is not their servant.

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