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Lady luck update Monday 23rd December 2019 on Zee World

Lady luck update Monday 23rd December 2019 on Zee World, Vasundhara is busy helping servants decorate home. Latha guides caterer about food menu.

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She sees Bhoomi and hopes today does not end at all as she does not want her to leave this house. Bhoomi asks her if she needs any help in party arrangements. Vasundhara fumes hearing that and says family memebers will take care of arrangements and she is a guest and will have to leave home tonight at any cost. Ugly suman taunts bhoomi that she does not want her to go, but there is no other go as vasundhara’s decision cannot be changed.

Dhara gets worried about Bhoomi and cries vigorously. Shanti daadi consoles her.

Vasundhara goes to her room, reads note by sadhvi and then SMSes sent by her. She calls sadhvi to know who is trying to frighten her. Sadhvi picks call and asks he to be patient. Vasundhara asks why did she send bouquet and messages. sadhavi says she sent a small gift for tonight’s celebration and says her main gift will arrive at 8 p.m. Vasundhara gets tensed.

Bhoomi packs her bags. Ansh sees that and thinks she should not go. Bhoomi thinks if he stops she will not go. He says if her packing is done, he will drop her to her parent’s home tonight.

Shukla family decides that they will not attend party. Dhara says they should let Surbhi go as it is her right and daughter of that house. Murli daada says she is right. Shanti daadi asks Dhara to accompany her and even meet bhoomi and if she is needed, she will come there.

Vasundhara rushes down and asks Agram to cancel party. Agram says all arrangements are done and guests will be arriving any time. She say she does not need any excuses. Agram says ok. Ugly Suman thinks Vasundhara is ruining her excitement and happiness.

Surbhi gets ready for party and asks Janaki how is she looking. Janaki says she is looking beautiful. Surbhi starts boasting that her sari is exclusive and only 2 pieces are designed in whole bhopal. Shanti daadi hears that and leaves. Surbhi tells Varun that his family is not happy seeing her. Varun says she knows tension at home and says they should leave for party now.

Bhoomi knocks vasundhara’s door. vasundhara shouts to go away. Bhoomi pleads to listen to her last. Vasundhara opens door. bhoomi tells her that she met sadhvi kaveri and requested her not to reveal Vasundhara’s secret. Vasundhara questions what did she tell and where did she go. Bhoomi says she did not speak anything and left in a hurry. Vasundhara shouts at her to spare her and leave her house tonight. Bhoomi sadly comes out. Agram who is standing out with Ansh and Inder asks her why did she go in when she knows vasundhara is angry.

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