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Lady Luck Update Monday 25th November 2019 on Zee World, Brijesh says her boss is considering her as bonded labor, he will not tolerate it and will not send her to job.

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Rajender says if they stop Bhoomi, company may file police case, so they should let her work for 1 month. Bhoomi says she will attend their marriage, but will not stay here. Ansh gets sad. Bhoomi gives resignation letter to her manager who says it is a reputed corporation and he has to follow protocol, if not 3 months she has to serve 1 month notice period before resigning.

Brijesh calls Bhoomi and asks why did not she come yet. She says boss did not accept resignation and wants her to serve 1 month and even gave new project. Ansh and Saurabh meet Ria and Bhoomi. Saurabh and Ria get busy with their romance. Ansh apologizes Bhoomi. She says she forgives him as she is going forever today.

He picks phone and asks Bhoomi which company she has to attend now. She says Rajnath Textiles. He asks if it is related to bhabhi maa’s company. She checks file and says no. He asks her to continue working for 1 month. He then asks Shanti if he did right. She says yes. He says he will leave for Ujjain back now and leaves. Bhoomi continues working. Peon says boss gave off as riots are happening in city. Bhoomi leaves office and reaches home. She asks daada when papa and tauji left. He says 3 hours ago. She says riots are happening in city.

He switches on TV and sees riots in the area where Shanti has gone to buy vegetables. Shanti buys vegetables and sees goons beating people. Bhoomi and Daada get tensedfor her and prays god. Daadi hits her head on tree and gets injured. She sees goon walking towards her and gets afraid. Ansh rescues her on time and takes her home in his car. She reaches home. Daada asks if she is fine.

She says she was about to be killed when this boy saved her. She asks Bhoomi to bring water. Ansh says Daada we should take Daadi to hospital or call doc here. Daada says we don’t know anyone here and asks him to call doc. Ansh gets busy on his phone. Daadi asks Bhoomi to bring salt bag to apply it on her head.

Rajender watches riots on TV, calls bhoomi and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, but daaadi. Daaada signals her not to tell anything. Bhoomi says she is fine and even Daada and daadi are fine. Ansh says he could not get doc’s mobile. Daada says it is ok as Daadi would not like treatment by doc.

Ansh says he will leave now. Daada says how can he go out in riots. He says he will reach home safely, not to worry and leaves.

Bhabhi maa reaches Shukla house. Everyone get tensed seeing her. Bhabhi maa says she came to meet their bahu. Dhara says she has gone out with Shanti. Bhabhi maa says she will wait. She asks Surbhi to touch her in-laws feet. Surbhi hesitates, but agrees. Rajender says bhoomi went to Indore with Shanti for marriage. Suman asks for somany days. He says they are close relatives.

Surbhi tells Suman she will not marry stupid doctor Varun. Dhara and Janaki bring snacks. Bhabhi maa says she will not eat in her daughter’s house. Rajender says it is also her bahu’s house, so she can take it. She agrees. Surbhi starts acting that she got severe headache. Suman says due to sun stroke, she is ill. Varun gets her pain killer. She says she is having stomach pain no.

Suman starts overacting and prays god to keep her daughter well until they reach Bhopal. Bhoomi and Daada massage Daadi’s wound with sand bag. She writhes in pain but says she is fine. Bhoomi says they should call doc. He says how will they get doc now. Shanti’s condition deteriorates with high fever. Bhoomi gets tensed and calls Ansh for help. Suman takes Surbhi to Shukla house’s guest house. Surbhi says she is fine and just liked to make her feel how congested here.

Suman says there is no AC here and it is full of mosquitoes and asks why did she lie. Surbhi says she wants to make her feel the situation here. Varun messages her and asks how is his angel. Suman asks her to let her read the message. Surbhi says it is very boring and goes to meet Varun in his room. Varun asks how is she. She says she is fine and just acted to test him. He asks what is her next wish. She asks him to get liquor. He says liquor is not allowed in their house. She says if he does not fulfill his demand, she will go home. Varun says he will go out andbring liquor. She says she will come with him. He resists at first, but agrees. Bhoomi takes care of ailing Shanti and waits for Ansh. Shanti asks water and when Bhoomi is about to feed her water, she falls unconscious. Daada gets tensed and starts crying. Bhoomi calls Ansh, tells Daadi is unconscious and asks to come soon. He says he is on the way with doc. Inspector stops him and says due to curfew in city, he cannot go further. Ansh says his grandma is very ill and he is taking doctor.

Inspector says he cannot and asks him to walk out. Inspector says if he insists, he will put him behind bars. Doc asks him to leave him home and then fight. Ansh says with whom to fight, police’s duty is to take care of citizens along with curfew. Inspector agrees and says his jeep will follow him.

Lady Luck Update Monday 25th November 2019 on Zee World

Varun takes Surbhi to liquor shop, asks her near bike and goes to buy wine. She comes behind him. He takes her and runs back towards bike. Neighbour identifies him as Rajender Sukhla’s son. Ansh gets doc to Bhoomi’s flat and doc checks Shanti.

Varun brings Surbhi back home, but she insists to go on a long drive after gulping whole liquor bottle. He gets her out of bike and tries to take her in, she resists and stumbles. Doc says Shanti is fine and asks Bhoomi to give turmeric milk and get MRI scan in the morning to check internal injured.

Daadaji thanks doc, doc says he should thank Ansh instead as he even fought with police. Daadaji thanks him. Doc asks not to throng Shanti’s room and only 1 person should take care of her. Bhoomi says she will, but daadaji says he will. Ansh says he will leave now. Daadaji asks him to stay till morning and then leave. Varun brings Surbhi inside home. Bijender hears door sound and comes out of his room. Varun drops Surbhi near door and says he had some work.

Bijender asks him to switch off light later and gets back into his room. Varun then picks Surbhi and walks towards room when she wakes up again and starts shouting.

Bhoomi sees Daadi’s bad condition and starts crying. She thanks god for saving dadi on time and says if she had not come here, Daadi’s life would not have been risked, so he would have punished her instead of Daadi. Ansh asks her not to blame herself, but not to stop her tears as she was trying to control it since a long time, she is very good and gives his kerchief to wipe her tears. She accepts it and wipes her tears.

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