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Lady Luck update Saturday 14 December 2019 Zee World

Lady Luck update Saturday 14 December 2019 Zee World, Daadi sees Daadaji reading news paper and asks if he does not want to ask why she is tensed.

<<Lady Luck update Friday 13 December 2019 Zee World

He says even if he does not, she will tell. She says she got Bhoomi’s call and she was asking recipe for 50 people, seems her in-laws are making her work hard. He says it is her house and there is nothing harm to work. Surbhi hears their conversation and thinks of informing her ugly mom. She slips while walking and gets tensed when daada/daadi see her. Daadi asks what is she doing here. She says nothing and silently walks out to call ugly Suman.

Ugly suman (who looks like ugly shoorpanakha but with 1-inch plus makeup to hide her ugliness) enters Bhoomi’s room and asks what did she tell her daadi. Bhoomi says she asked recipe for dinner. Ugly says she should hide anything from her.

Lady Luck update Saturday 14 December 2019 Zee World

Lady Luck update Saturday 14 December 2019 Zee World

Maanenters just then and ugly changes her words and says she will tell her what to prepare for dinner. She asks Maan how is he now. He says he is fine and was just having weakness. Ugly leaves and maan goes to sleep. Bhoomi looks her prepared quotation and smiles thinking she will get order. In the morning she happily prays god. Latha asks the reason for her happiness, and she says she got an idea to repay Vasundhara. Latha says she can take her help if needed.

Ansh’s employee and shows him all caterer’s quotations with everyone quoating between 180 and 150 while Bhoomi’s Saransh caterers quoting 100 rs. Ansh says maybe this is a new caterer and quality is bad, so they should wait until they get some more quotations. Bhoomi waits restlessly for reply and calls employee to know if his boss accepted her order. He says boss rejected it as he thinks her quality is bad. She says she will send a sample food today and then they can decide. employee agrees and says if boss does not finalize one, they will consider her after tasting her food.

Bhoomi goes to kitchen and asks Latha and ugly suman if she can prepare food today. Latha says she can. Bhoomi asks what Maan likes. LAtha taunts if she wants to prepare maan’s fav food and win his heart, says she is just joking and tells what he likes and dislikes. Ugly thinks this girl wants to impress Latha and get into her good books, but she will not let that happen.

Bhoomi prepares food and asks Latha to taste it. Latha tastes and says it is very tast and maan will like it. She labels Saaransh caterers label on tiffen and reaches Maan’s office, but watchman stops her. She says she is from Saaransh caterers and brought food.

Lady Luck update Saturday 14 December 2019 Zee World

Surbhi calls Varun and asks her to take him for date. Janaki comes and asks her to accompany her for satsang. Surbhi yells that she wanted to go on date, but she has to go to boring satsang now.

Ansh’s employee serves him bhoomi’s food. Ansh says food looks like his home food with label on it. He likes food and says he can pay 110 rs for this food and asks employee to order caterer not to drop their quality. Employee informs bhoomi and says she can send food for 8-10 days. Bhoomi gets happy.

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