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Lady Luck update Saturday 28th December 2019 zee world

Lady Luck update Saturday 28th December 2019 zee world, Pavitra yells in front of Kaveri that Vasundhara has trapped whole family in her fake love and does not even care about her. Kaveri says Vasundhara is very cruel and will not give her right. She tells her plan that she will use her brothers against Vasundhara and take this house under her control. She even shows flow chat of her plan.

Kaveri silently comes down in the morning and walks towards home temple. Latha orders servants to hurry up and take breakfast to Kaveri’s room. Kaveri coughs and goes near dining table. Latha asks why did she come down, she was sending breakfast to her room. Kaveri says she wanted to pray god, so came down. Agram comes and asks Latha to hurry up for the function. Kaveri asks where are they going. Agram says they are going for Maan’s amusement park inauguration function and since she is ill, she should rest. Kaveri says she is fine and wants to attend, but Agram insists her to go and rest. Kaveri angrily walks towards her room.

While walking towards her room yelling at Prajapati family, she meets Pavitra who asks where are all family members. Kaveri says they have gone to attend Maan’s function, but did not take her or bothered to take Pavitra. Pavitra asks her to wait and watch. She goes down and sits in jeep on Vasundhara’s place. Driver is shocked to see that and asks her to get down. She asks him to take her to the function venue. He says if bhabhi maa sees her sitting on her sit, she will not spare him. Pavitra warns him if he does not, he will allege him of teasing her. He agrees and asks her to sit behind. She says she will sit on Vasundhara’s seat and orders him to leave and he hesitantly leaves.

Vasundhara addresses her guests how she started company 25 years ago and made it so successful. She briefs about Ansh’s amusement park and calls Ansh as his son. Reporters ask secret of her success. She says her family. Pavitra reaches there and takes stage. Reporters discuss that she is the one who made a drama in Prajapati family. Pavitra says she has one more identity and she is Prajapati family’s daughter. Ansh fumes seeing her drama, but Bhoomi calms him down.

Pavitra asks reporters if they must be eager to know who her mother is. Bhoomi interferes and handles situation. She silently takes her away from stage and Surbhi also comes and holds her hand. Latha and ugly Suman also surround her and drag her from there. Surbhi asks how dare she is to insult their family. bhoomi says if she has to be part of prajapati family, she should behave like one. Surbhi says she is ashamed to call her as her sister. Latha and Suman also continue their scolding. Vasundhara enters and asks Pavitra to go home Pavitra insists to see office and insults Vasundhara. Agram asks everyone to leave while he shows pavitra their office and bring her home.

Pavitra enters office and staff is shocked to see an ugly, cockroach like girl entering their office. She asks if they didn’t see beautiful girl and asks them to continue their work. she asks peon about Vasudhara’s cabin and walks towards it.

At home, Surbhi fumes how can Pavitra be her sister and they have to teach her a lesson. Suman and latha back her. Kaveri hears their conversation and laughs that Pavitra shook their world just in five minutes and thinks her plan is working well.

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