In Lady Luck update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World, Surbhi joins Shukla family for lunch. Daada asks if she had breakfast. She says she slept late, so she could not wake up.

<<Lady Luck Update Friday 6th December 2019 on Zee World

Daada asks Varun if he does not want to go to hospital. He says he did night shift yesterday and today he took leave to spend time with family. Rajender says he did right and Bijender says one should maintain balance between personal and professional life. Surbhi signals him to speak about buying split AC. He asks Rajender to buy it, but Rajender says he will after some months as already he spent a lot on marriages. Surbhi says he can buy in EMI. Shanti says her family doesn’t like buying things on credit.

Latha’s friend comes to meet her and asks her to call her bahu. Latha calls Bhoomi and Bhoomi greets friend. Friend asks her to get her marriage album. Bhoomi goes to her room and requests Ansh to give her album. He says he will not and says he will if she stays away from his room from today. She is shocked and asks what does he mean. He says he cannot sleep whole night seeing her face. She agrees hearing Latha voice. He says she will not tell about it to anyone. She agrees and leaves with album.

Bhoomi hands album to Latha’s friend. Friend sees first pic missing and asks where is it. Bhoomi says Ansh took it to make a photoframe. Friend says even her son is restless like Ansh and watches rest of pics.

Varun enters room and sees Surbhi taking selfies. She starts acting angry. He says he brought Hrithik Roshan’s movie ticket as she likes him. She says whne he cannot get her an AC, why did he bring movie ticket. He says he will but needs some time. She says she does not want to go anywhere with him. He says he will sleep now if she does not like. She agrees and picks sari to wear it. Shanti comes and says it is daadaji’s birthday tonight and asks Varun to help her arrange surprise party for him. Varun agrees. Surbhi fumes in anger. He promises her that they will go tomorrow. She agrees. He kisses her and leaves.

Lady Luck update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World

Suman enters Vasundhara’s room and sees her talking to their family guru over phone. She asks what did guruji told. Vasundhara tells today it is lunar eclipse, so guruji suggested not to go out of room between 12 and 2 a.m. Suman says she was worried it is something else. vasundhara stares at her angrily.

Surbhi calls Suman and informs her about Varun leniance for his family. Suman tells her a plan to control him. Suman then goes to Surbhi’s room and sees her coming out with pillow and bedsheet and asks where is she going. Surbhi lies. Ansh thinks she lies so easily. Suman says she wants to talk to her important. Bhomi says they can walk outside room as Ansh wants to sleep.

Bhoomi comes back to room after sending Suman. Ansh says he knew she will not go out of room and give him peace. He says she cares for him more than his condition as she loves hi so much that she can do anything for his happiness and does not want to be a reason for his sorrow. She will stay out of room if he feels really happy, it is just a condition for him and for her it is her duty.

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