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Surbhi in Lady Luck update Sunday 8 December 2019 on Zee World, suggest Varun to call Bhoomi for Daadaji’s surprise birthday party. He says she is married now.

<<Lady Luck update Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World

She says even Ansh will come with her, so he does not have to worry. He asks what will he tlel her. She suggests to tell her that daadaji is ill. Bhoomi sadly sits in the hall as Ansh kicked her out of room. She hears Vasundhara coming and hides under dining table. Vasundha comes there, corrects chair, and walks back. Bhoomi relaxes.

Ansh does not get sleep and thinks even after sending Bhoomi out, he is not getting sleep. Varun calls him and tells that daadji fell and injured his leg and is insisting to meet him and Bhoomi. Ansh says they will come right anway. He goes out inform Bhoomi, but does not find her. He thinks he made a conition unnecessarily.

Ansh comes down and clashes with Bhoomi. Bhoomi tries to shout, but he holds her mouth. Mai tenu samjhawa ki….song plays in the background. He removes hand. She gets Varun’s call who tells Daadaji slipped and injured his leg and is insisting to meet her and Ansh. She gets tensed. Ansh says he will take her to Ujjain. She says she can go with driver. He insists and takes her in car. Suman calls Surbhi and informs that Maan and Bhoomi left for Ujjain.

Murli Daadaji in Ujjain tells his family why are they celerbaing surprise birthday of old man. Varun says it was Daadi’s plan. He happily hugs daadi. Daadi asks Varun to bring cake. Varun says a special surprise is still waiting.

Door bell rings. Varun opens door. Bhoomi enters worriedly with Maan and asks daadaji how is he. Varun says it was suprise for daadaji and her, they are celebrating daadaji’s surprise party.

Lady Luck update Sunday 8 December 2019 on Zee World

Suman wakes up Vasundhara and informs that Surbhi called her and told that Maan and Bhoomi are in Ujjain. Vasundhara fumes in anger.

Dadaji cuts cake and feeds everyone. Janaki and Dhara ask Bhoomi how is she. She says she is fine. Varun gets Vasundhara’s phone who asks him to come home right now. He informs Shukla family that he has to go as badi maa called him and leaving thinking what happed that badi maa called him right away. They both reach home.

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