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Lady Luck update Thursday 12 December 2019 on Zee World

In Lady Luck update Thursday 12 December 2019 on Zee WorldLata is tending to maan fever and Bhoomi is feeding him. He says he is not hungry.

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Lata says to finish his food and gives over the oil to Bhoomi saying to look after him. Maan says he doesn’t need oil massage, Lata refuses to hear a thing that this massage is your remedy to fever, and tells him to have it done. Maan lies in Bhoomi’s lap and is a bit uncomfortable.

Ac Aunty comes to shukla house and says that your bahu takes a lot of time to get ready. Surbhi is hiding in her room trying to avoid the Ac Aunty. Aunty starts talking about Ac that she bought in the morning. Surbhi hears it and runs back to her room. Surbhi comes down with a huge ghoonghat everyone is shocked. Aunty praises her for being traditional. Everyone tells her to remove the veil but she refuses saying she is shy.

But dadi orders her to do so. Surbhi start to remove her veil and Aunty gets a call regarding a fault in the Ac and leaves in a hurry. Surbhi gets up and throws the veil back and sighs in relief everyone is shocked.

Lata says to Maan that now she is not worried about him as Bhoomi is here for him and may they be happy always. And to listen to whatever Bhoomi says and leaves. Maan pushes her hand aside and gets up saying his mother has left and to stop this pretense and go away from here.
Bhoomi says that you are sick and let me help you. Maan says he doesn’t have energy to fight with her so asks her to leave. Bhoomi holds his hand and says no I won’t leave. If you can fulfill your responsibility as my husband so I can also do my wifey duties. You brought me in this house now you like it or not I will always be here for you. She pulls him back for a massage and he falls asleep looking at her.
In the morning Maan gets up and finds Bhoomi asleep with her hand on him. He holds her hand lovingly and Bhoomi gets up he sees her and gets conscious and leaves it abruptly and leaves.
Bhoomi joins Lata in arti and Lata ask about Maan and says that she looks tired and tells her to rest. Bhoomi says that she is fine and will make breakfast for Maan and leaves.

Lady Luck update Thursday 12 December 2019 on Zee World

Bhoomi is sleeping while making breakfast, Suman comes and bangs a spoon and wakes her up. Lata comes up and says that Bhoomi is getting sick while taking care of Maan.
Bhoomi bring breakfast for Maan and asks him to eat porridge before it gets cold. Maan takes it and keeps aside and starts working on his laptop he gets a call informing that he will be in office for meeting. Bhoomi stops him from going. And blackmails him in name of bhabhimaa.
He opens the door and finds bhabhimaa standing there she tells him to rest and not to go anywhere alone. Maan insists that the deal is important or it might be a loss. Bhabhimaa says that he can’t go alone as all are busy elsewhere. Maan looks at Bhoomi and says that he will take Bhoomi with him. Bhabhimaa is shocked and annoyed.

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