Lady Luck update Thursday 13th February 2020 zee world


Lady Luck Thursday 13 February 2020; Bhairavi with Mansa enters Muskan’s sealed room and searches for evidence. They search for evidence in room hurriedly. Bhairavi reminisces a tiff Muskan where she enters Muskan’s room and warns her to be in her limits as this house is in her control. Muskan snatches house keys and says Samarth will give them soon anyways. Bhairavi warns her to return it. Muskan drops it on floor. Bhairavi says she will be punished for her misbehavior and tries to pick keys. Muskan steps on keys and then kicks them. Bhairavi comes out of flashback and asks Mansa to hurry up.

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Samarth calls commissioner and complains that inspector is not investigate Muskan’s case properly and asks to find Muskan soon and punish Kavya. He then passes by Muskan’s room, sees Bhairavi there and asks what is she doing here. She says she needs to talk something important. Samarth says he has important meeting and will talk to her later.

Lady Luck Thursday 13 February 2020

Shrainik bails out Muskan and says nobody will trouble her until investigations finish. Daadi thanks him and he says he cannot see any innocent punished and knows maami saa is innocent.

Kavya goes home. She gets Muskan’s call who asks to save her from these people. Kavya asks who people, but Muskan disconnects call.

Lady Luck Thursday 13 February 2020

Kavya calls back Shrainik reaches Samarth’s house with him. Samarth who is undergoing midlife crisis shouts who bailed her out and brought her here. Shrainik comes and says he brought her. Samarth holds his collar and asks hwo can he betray him. Bharaivi interferes and shouts at Kavya to get out. Kavya says she got Muskan’s call and she is in trouble. Samarth strangulates her neck and shouts not to take Muskan’s name with her dirty mouth. Bhairavi interferes again and takes Samarth from there. Shrainik asks Kavya if she is fine and takes her to a room. Kavya looks at Muskan’s room while walking.

Bhairavi and Mansa discuss that Muskan has come with a motto and they need to kick her out again.
Kavya thinks someone in this house is behind Muskan’s kidnap and she needs to find out. She hears Sambhav’s voice, comes out of room and asks why did he lie. He shouts at her and says he will not tell. Kavya thinks he and Bhairavi must be behind Muskan’s kidnap and she will find out truth. Lady Luck Thursday update 13 February 2020

NB: This is the final episode of Lady Luck


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