Lady Luck update Thursday 16th January 2020 Zee World


Lady Luck update Thursday 16th January 2020 Zee World

Lady Luck update Thursday 16th January 2020 Zee World; Divya’s father tells Prajapati family how he took Bhoomi to US and performed her plastic surgery. Pavitra says he narrated a nice story and she will recommend it to her Bhojpuri producer. Father says Bhoomi used to tell howmuch her family trusts her so much, but she did not know she was trusting wrong people. Ansh shouts whatever he says, he will never accept this girl as Bhoomi and walks towards his room. Agram also leaves with family. Divya’s father says he does not know how will she prove that she is Bhoomi and if her family will accept her not, but whenever she wants to come back, his door is always open for her. She says she will and he leaves sadly. Lady Luck update Thursday 16th January 2020

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Latha shows Bhoomi’s plastic surgery video to Vasundhara and says she thinks this girl is Bhoomi. Vasundhara says we cannot trust father and daughter, else we will be disappointed.

Ash angrily searches alcohol in his cupboard and is about to drink it when Bhoomi stops him and says he cannot drink. he asks who is she to stop him. She says she is his wife and gives her promise. He asks her never try to force her rights on him. She says she will as she is his wife. He asks her to go from there. she says she will sleep on sofa as usual. Ansh reminisces Bhoomi sleeping on sofa.

Varun tells Pavitra that he does not believe that girl is Bhoomi and will never trust her. She says he looks like her husband when he takes her side. He gets gastric trouble and asks her to bring cold milk. She calls servant and goes out. Bhoomi sees servant taking milk and asks where is he taking it. He says Varun is having gastric trouble. Bhoomi takes milk and goes to Varun’s room with milk and elaichi. Varun asks why did she come here. She says even though he is a doctor, he will get well only with her mom’s remedy. Varun reminisces Bhoomi getting concerned when he gets gastric trouble and Dhara giving him milk and elaichi. Pavitra enters and shouts why did she come here. Bhoomi says it is her brother’s room, but why is she here. Pavitra says she is Varun’s wife and bought him from Surbhi for 5 crores. Bhoomi asks Varun how can he betray Surbhi. She then goes to Surbhi’s room and drags her to Varun’s room and says Varun only Surbhi is his wife and has right on him. Surbhi yells at her and leaves for party. Pavitra drags her out of room and asks her dare not to enter her room again and get out of her house. Bhoomi says she should get out of her house instead as this is her house and challenges to kick her out soon. Pavitra thinks she will reveal this girl’s secret in the morning.

Lady Luck update Thursday 16th January 2020 on Zee World

In the morning, while family is busy having breakfast, Ansh comes home inebriated. Latha asks him to come and have breakfast. He says he is not hungry. Bhoomi adds food on plates and takes food for Vasundhara. Ansh stops her and says this is their lives and don’t need her interference. Bhoomi says till not he was sad as he thought she is dead, but she is alive and he should stop mourning. He says she is not Bhoomi and he will never accept her. Bhoomi says she is Bhoomi and it is better for him to accept the truth as soon as possible. There is no need for photo and garland on her pic as she is alive and removes it. He snatches photo and slaps her.


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