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Lady Luck update thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World

Lady Luck update thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World, Dancer Pavitra gives Vasudhara vamp a tight slap. Ugly Suman asks how dare she is to slap Vasundhara. Pavitra claps and says Vasundhara she has left her puppet to protect her. Ansh asks if her parents did not teach her how to behave with elders. She says no as her mom is also shameless like her. Agram interferes and asks commissioner to arrest this girl. Pavitra says Vasundhara vamp should be arrested as she slapped him. Constables arrests her and drags her into van, while Pavitra shouts that they are doing a big mistake. Bhoomi walks out and sees Pavitra being taken via van. She then sees Kaveri watching this and getting into her car smiling.

Vasundhara vamp gets into her room crying and looks at Pavitra’s birth certificate. Agram thanks commissioner and disperses party. Bhoomi realizes that Kaveri was talking about Pavitra as surprise and reminisces seeing Vasundhara’s hospital discharge summary. She calls Kaveri who tells since she did not opened file, she had to open it in front of everyone. She hints her by singing lalla lalla lori, doodh ki katori that Pavitra is Vasundhara’s daughter.

Vasundhara looks at Pavitra’s childhood pics till now and cries thinking why did Pavitra do this to herself. Bhoomi knocks door and asks her to open door. Vasundhara shouts to go from there. Bhoomi says says she knows the truth and thinks she cannot leave Vasundhara alone. She says she will count till 3 and if she does not open door, she will tell her truth to everyone. She counts 3, Vasundhara opens door and asks what does she needs. Bhoomi says she knows why she suffered so much and asks if Pavitra is her daughter. Vasundhara says even after knowing the truth, she wants her to tell. She shouts that Pavitra is her daughter. Bhoomi says Prajapati family should know that they have one more daughter and is bade papa’s daughter. Vasundhara says some secrets should be kept under dark and asks her to go and tell the truth to everyone now. Bhoomi says she is part of this family and backed off when she asked to keep quiet, she will do whatever possible to keep the family united. Vasundhara asks why will she do that when she tried to even ruin her life. Bhoomi asks how can she think like that and asks her to taste rest now, she will inform family that she is already asleep.

Janaki informs Shukla family that Varun told due to some reason, party is cancelled. Shanti asks if party is cancelled due to Bhoomi. Janaki says Varun told he himself will come with bhoomi here and inform what happened.

Ugly suman yells in front of family that they should let Pavitra behind bars for her mistake. Surbhi backs her. Inder says he does not know what happened to babhi maa. Inder says even he is confused and will go and ask her. Bhoomi comes down and says Badi maa is fine now and needs rest. Ugly shouts at her and asks her to stop lying as everyone knows she and badi maa don’t along well. Ansh backs Bhoomi and says we should let badi maa alone.

Bhoomi silently walks out. Varun stops her and says he has come to take her home. Bhoomi says she cannot come with her as her family needs her. Varun says he saw how family insulted her. She says except badi maa, everyone loves her and she will not come until she sorts out her family’s problem. She says she has to go now. He asks where she is going at midnight. She says she has promised someone and will keep it. Varun asks her to take her driver and car. She thanks him and leaves. Daadaji calls Varun and he says Bhoomi does not want to come and he will also stay here until issue is sorted out.

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