Lady Luck Update Thursday 28th November 2019 Zee World, Latha goes to Maan’s room and asks him to come down before Bha‎bhi maa comes down for breakfast. She opens door and does not see him in. She calls him and asks where is he.

Maan is driving car and says he is going to Indore for Saurabh’s lunch party. She asks how can he disobey bhabhi maa’s orders. He asks her to tell something and convince badi maa. Latha gets tensed.

Sumi asks Surbhi why did she shut door on her face. Surbhi says if she sleeps late, she will get dark circles. Bhabimaa comes for breakfast and asks about Maan/Ansh. Latha says he slept late, so he is sleeping now. Bhabhimaa asks Surbhi to call Maan. Latha says he had fever, so she gave him medicine and let rest. Bhabhi asks why did not she tell her. She says she did not want to trouble her.

Rajender speaks to Avni and smiles. Bijender says he is worried about Bhoomi and wants her marriage soon before Bhabhimaa catches their mistake and breaks alliance. Rajender asks who will they prepone marriage when they already told their guru postponed marriage. Bijender says they can tell same guru preponed marriage and says he will ask Bhoomi to speak to his manager and resign from job.

Ansh/maan reaches Saurabh’s house. Saurabh asks if he proposed Bhoomi. He says yes. Saurabh asks if she accepted his proposal. Ansh says his life is not that simple. Bhoomi comes with daada/daadi just then. Ansh says he wants to talk to her. Daada asks Bhoomi to go and meet Ria first.

Bhoomi goes and gives bouquet to Ria. Ria gets happy seeing her. Ansh message bhoomi to meets her, but bhoomi continues conversing with Ria. She asks Ria how is she. Ria says she is fine, her sasur accepted her but saas has not yet. Daadi sees Ria happy and tells Ria’s parents that always children are not wrong. She starts coughing and goes to bring water.

Ansh stops her and says he wants to talk to her. She ignores him and rushes towards Daadi to give her water. Ansh repeatedly calls her. She clashes with Saurabh’s mom while rushing to the corner. She picks call and tells Ansh she does not want to talk to him. Saurabh’s mom listens to her conversation and thinks bhoomi is having an affair. She follows bhoomi out.

Bhoomi thinks she should not have talked roughly with Ansh. Ansh shuts her mouth and takes out. Bhoomi says her marriage is fixed by her parents and she will not go against them. Ansh asks him to understand her feelings. She asks him to forget her. Saurabh’s mom thinks bhoomi made his son elope with Ria and now is having affair with a guy, if she knows who is this guy, she will insult bhoomi. She is about to see Ansh when she gets a call and leaves.

Ansh asks if her parents had selected him, if she had ignored him. She says whatever it is, she will marry a guy whom her parents have chosen. Ansh thinks he will make her agree that she loves him.

Surbhi calls Varun while applying nail polish and asks why did not he call her since morning. He says he was busy. She asks when will he meet her again. He says he will plan some time. Suman hears her speaking to Varun and scolds her.

Surbhi says she cannot cut relationship so easily. Suman shows rich boy’s pic and says he is diamond merchant and she will get diamond necklace from her after marriage. Surbhi says she has more demand than her and sends her out.

Bhoomi does not get sleep and reminisces Ansh telling her I love you. She hears window sound and thinks it Ansh, but then realizes it is wind. Ansh on the other side wishes Bhoomi should understand his feeling and once she accepts him, he will tell badi maa… Badi maa asks what he wants to say.

Ansh/Maan thinks he should tell Badi maa/bhabhi maa about his love for Bhoomi. Bhabhi maa comes and asks what he wants to say. He says nothing important. She says he should speak out his mind and asks if his fever is fine now. He thinks Latha would have lied to save him and says he is fine. She asks him again not to keep anything in mind and leaves. He thinks he has to tell her that he loves Bhoomi and will not marry a stranger.

Daada/Daadi insist Bhoomi that they will drop her to office. She says she will go alone. Daadi insists and she agrees. At office, her boss says he spoke to HR and if she finishes her project, she can resign. She thanks him and comes out of his cabin when she gets Ansh’s SMS that he is waiting for her outside. She replies she will not come.

Bhabhi maa asks Latha to call Ansh. Latha says he has gone to college library and then will go to yoga classes after that. She calls Ansh and asks to come home soon. Ansh sees Bhoomi coming out and holds her hand. She asks him to leave before daada/daadi sees them and leaves. He thinks she cannot ignore him like this.

Bijender calls Daadi and tells he has arranged surprise anniversary party for Rajender and Janaki and asks her not to inform anyone and come home silently. She informs daada and tells Bijender that she will reach home by tomorrow evening. Bhoomi hears their conversation, gives daadi turmeric milk and says she will pack bags. She feels odd and thinks if it is because of leaving Indore or leaving job.

She reminisces Ansh and thinks why is she thinking this and continues packing. She sees Ansh in balcony and asks what is he doing. He says he wants to talk to her and if she does not come out, he will come in. She says she will come and asks him to go. She thinks if he has gone mad to come at this time. She checks Daada/daadi sleeping and goes out praying god to save her.

Ansh sees her and smiles. She asks what is he doing here when she told she does not want to talk to him. He asks her to relax and give her a last chance to prove himself, he will make her realize that they both are made for each other. She says there is no use of it. She asks him to accept once and asks her to sit on chair. She sits. He gives her a flower pot and says he knows she loves nature, so he brought her whole plant instead of flower.

He thought of bringing her necklace, which would have suited her, but she is different, so he brought her unique gift. He gives her software book and says she liked being with family always, so he kept their first date in parking lot to make her feel homely. He takes out tea thermask and pakoras and serves them.

Bhoomi silently listens to him and accepts tea cup. He says cheers and starts sipping. He says now he has known her well and she should give him one chance. He knows she cannot live without family and he cannot live without her, if she says yes he will handle everything. He continues that people are lucky who get true love and they can become true love, he will take care of her whole life and protect her. He holds her hand and asks her to think and reply. She tries to walk out. He says one day she will accept that she loves him a lot and he will wait for that day.

Lady Luck Update Thursday 28th November 2019 Zee World

Bhoomi comes back to her room and thinks why is Ansh doing all this. She nervously sips water and thinks she should not have gone to meet him. Bijender and Dhara wish happy anniversary to Rajender and Janaki and gives them gifts of watch and earrings. Bijender asks them to wear gifts in the evening.

Rajender why did they bring so costly gift. Avni comes and says if they don’t like, she will keep it. Janaki happily hugs her and asks if her husband came. She says he will come in evening for party. Rajender asks what party. Avni apologizes Bijender for spoiling surprise. Bijender says children have planned a party for them and says Daada/daadi and bhoomi will come in the evening. Avni says she is very excited to meet Bhoomi. Dhara asks how was her honeymoon. Avni says it was a very nice place and she wants Bhoomi to go there on her honeymoon.

Daada/daadi and Bhoomi reach home. Avni hugs them and tells Bhoomi she was fine, but now rocking after seeing her. Bhoomi hugs Janaki and she says she is very happy seeing her back home. She then hugs Bijender. Daadi asks Dhara if she prepares sweets. She says yes, but Avni revealed secret of tonight’s party. Avni apologizes.

Daadi says she will invite bhabhi maa. Varun sees bhoomi sad and thinks something is wrong. Ansh goes to Bhoomi’s office and enquires receptionist about her who says Bhoomi left job and yesterday was her last day. He is shocked to hear that.

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