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Shanti daadi in Lady Luck update Tuesday 10th December 2019 on Zee World, fumes in anger seeing Surbhi in skimpy nightie and warns her not to come out like this.

<<Lady Luck update Monday 9th December 2019 on Zee World

Janaki and Dhara try to calm her down, but she says she cannot tolerate all this. Vasundhara feels good after latha applies Bhoomi’s herbal remedy and asks her to bring some more. she goes to kitchen with ugly Suman and gets remedy from Bhoomi. She applies it again on Vasundhara and she shouts that it is too hot.

Ugly Suman tells it is not Latha’s mistake as Bhoomi prepared it. Vasundhara gets irked hearing that and scolds Latha for lying. She yells at bhoomi that sheis nonexistent for her and is here as Maan’s wife only. Ugly Suman smirks hearing that. Vasundhara asks everyone to leave as she wants to rest. Bhoomi looks at her with teary eyes and runs from there.

Bhoomi gets mango juice for Ansh and says since he will out all day, he will get energy from it. She says she can fool others with her drama and not him and asks her to stay away from him.

Lady Luck update Tuesday 10th December 2019 on Zee World

Surbhi watches her marriage pic on net and gets happy. Janaki comes and Surbhi asks her to watch pics. Janaki says she convinced family to get AC and asks her to tell ugly Suman not to bring it. She also asks her to tell the model and make she needs. Surbhi thinks already her mom bought it. She calls Suman, notes model number. She then thinks she will sell Suman’s Ac online and do more shopping from the money.

Vasundhara calls ugly suman and asks her to call laptop repairer as her laptop is not working. She calls many repairers, but noone agrees to come. Bhoomi thinks she should help badi maa and calls laptop repairer.

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