Lady Luck update Tuesday 11th February 2020 zee world


Lady Luck 11 February 2020; Muskan follows masked man to a room and widens her eyes in a shock. She runs back to her room. Bhairavi and Mansi come outwearing rajasthani royal attire for marriage.

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Samarth comes to marriage hall in groom’s dress. Bhairavi asks Vasundhara to greet Samarth as per rituals. Vasundhara performs Samarth’s aarti and gets him in. Shrainik and other relatives follow. Kuhu sees Shrainik and gets nervous reminiscing giving him 20 rs thinking as servant. Shrainik shows her 20 rs and says he is Samarth’s nephew. Kuhu apologizes him.

Lady Luck Tuesday 11 February 2020

Samarth sees Kavya well dressed and says she is looking beautiful. Kayva says she is bride’s sister, so has to look good. Lady Luck

Sambhav comes back to Muskan’s room and brainwashes to elope with him. She locks door from outside and elopes via window by tying a sari to railing. Lady Luck update tuesday 11th February 2020 zee world

Marriage rituals start. Samarth sits in mantap. Panditji asks to bring bride. Kuhu goes to call Muskan, knocks door many times and returns back. Vasundhara then goes with Kuhu and Kavya and knocks door. Bhairavi comes with Shrainik and Mansa and asks to break door. Vasundhara asks what she means. Bhairavi says Muskan must be in trouble and they should check. She asks Shrainik to break door. He breaks door. They all get in and does not find Muskan. Bhairavi sees sari tied to window railing and says Vasundhara that her granddaughter eloped with her boyfriend. Vasundhara says it cannot happen. Bhairavi says Kavya knew about her sister’s affair and asks if she did or not. Kavya stands bending her head. Bhairavi says what will she tell her banna/brother, he will be heart broken. Lady Luck Tuesday 11 February 2020

Lady Luck update Tuesday 11th February 2020 zee world

Samarth comes and says he heard everything. Vasundhara tries to speak, but he says it is enough of her and her family and leaves throwing marriage veil and asking Bhairavi to inform guests to return back. Bhairavi shouts her family’s dignity is lost now, what will she inform clients and relatives. Kavya says it is her family’s mistake, so she will apologize guests. Bhairavi reminisces Kavya and Samarth conversing smilingly and says Samarth’s marriage will happen today with Kavya. Lady Luck Tuesday 11 February 2020


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