Lady Luck update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World


Lady Luck update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

Lady Luck update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World; A lady gets out of car and asks driver if he sent flowers. He says yes and within 15 min, they will also reach. Pavitra comes down holding Varun’s hand and shouts where are her servants, she does not give them salary to relax. Latha and others get afraid hearing her yelling.

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A man comes and gives Pavitra a flower bouquet. Pavitra says her lallantop/Varun must have bought it. Varun says he did not. Man says Bhoomi sent it with a message. Pavitra shouts how can it be. Driver calls on land line. Latha picks and driver says Bhoomi sent bouquet and will reach home in 15 min. Latha is also shocked, goes to Vasundhara’s room and says someone called and told Bhoomi is coming back. Agram, Inder and Suman are shocked and ask how can it be when Bhoomi is dead. Vasundhara says whenever sin increases on earth, god takes an incarnation and comes back on earth. Pavitra reads shloks written on card and shouts at Latha and others that it must be their drama.

Door bell rings, a lady enters and says she is Bhoomi Prajapati, this house’s bahu. Pavitra says bhoomi is dead. Varun says he can identify his sister among 1000s and knows she is not his sister. Police and lawyer enter and says she is bhoomi. Pavitra shows Bhoomi’s pic and says she is dead. Lawyer says Bhoomi got plastic surgery. Bhoomi says she got burnt in fire accident and had to undergo plastic surgery. Pavitra says she will not accept and will call commissioner. Inspector says he came here on commissioner’s order and she has 15 days to prove this lady is not
Bhoomi. Bhoomi thanks inspector and lawyer and they both leave.

Pavitra holds Bhoomi’s hand and drags her. Bhoomi stops her, twists her hand and says dare not to touch her again, this is her house and nobody can dare to send her out. Varun tries to interfere, but Bhoomi asks him to stay out of it.

Lady Luck Tuesday update 14 January 2020

Vasundhara calls Bhoomi. Bhoomi says Agram and others that she will come and meet them later and goes to Vasundhara’s room. Vasundhara sees her and says she cannot be her Bhoomi. Bhoomi says her face burnt during fire accident and she had to undergo plastic surgery. Vasundhara says Pavitra must be tricking her and sent her here, she cannot sense dearness in her and will not accept her and asks her to get out. Bhoomi walks out sadly.

Suman massages Pavitra’s hand and asks how can she be Bhoomi. Pavitra says she is an intruder. Agram says she has every proof. Pavitra says she will call Ansh and will kick this intruder out.

Varun stops bhoomi and asks her to prove she is Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells about Shukla family. He asks her to tell something which only he and Bhoomi knows. She tells about a childhood incident when she was 9 and insisted him to buy icecream. He took her to market 1 km away and brought he carrying. Varun says she has done nice homework, but he will never accept her as his sister. Lady Luck update Tuesday 14 January 2020


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