Lady Luck Update Tuesday 19th November 2019 on Zee World, Janaki and Dhara come there and ask Shanti not to disturb Bhoomi.

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Ansh and Saurabh drop Bhoomi and Ria home. Ansh apologizes Bhoomi, but Bhoomi does not. Ria holds her hand and walks towards flat. Ansh feels guilty. He sees Ria’s mobile on floor and goes to return it to her. Ria opens door and gets in. Shanti wakes up hearing Murli’s snoring and goes to get milk. She sees Ansh walking out and Ria and Bhoomi standing and asks who was he. Bhoomi gets tensed.

Ria says he was her brother and came to meet her. She asks why did not she tell her about brother. Ria says they did not speak in detail yet, so… Shanti asks why he does not stay with her. She says he paid both college and hostel fees, so he stays in hostel.

Rajender asks Bijender to call Shanti and check. He calls her. Shanti wakes up and asks Murli to pick it, but he does not wake up. She picks call and asks Bijender why did he call. He says he and Rajender wanted to speak to Bhoomi once. Shanti asks it is late night, but then says she knows they would not sleep without talking to Bhoomi and walks towards Bhoomi’s room.

Shanti asks why is Bhoomi tensed. Ria says Bhoomi wanted to wake up daada/daadi to introduce brother, so she scolded not to wake them up. She apologizes Bhoomi and takes her to room. She says she and Saurabh love each other and wanted to marry, but her family opposed it, so she broke up wit him.

Ansh on the other side tells Saurabh that he saw love in Bhoomi’s eyes for him. Bhoomi on the other side tells Ria she should not hide anything from family. Ansh tells Saurabh that there is nothing right or wrong in love and he should convince Ria. Ria asks Bhoomi not to tell anyone and says she will inform family in a week.

Varun is having breakfast in the morning. Surbhi SMSes him to come out right now as she is waiting. He chokes, tells family he has some emergency case and leaves. He meets Bhoomi asks why did she sent threatening SMS. She says if she had not, he would not have come out.

Suman goes to check Bhoomi and finds a letter that she is going to solve her marriage issue herself. Vasundhara calls everyone for breakfast and asks Suman about Surbhi. Suman says she went to college for special lecture. Vasundhara says she wants everyone on breakfast table in the morning and says after a few days Surbhi will go to her house after marriage, then she will have Bhoomi here and Maan will help her in business. She sees Suman tensed and asks what happened. Suman says she is sad that Surbhi will leave her house after marriage.

Varun takes Surbhi to cafeteria and asks if she was missing him so much that she came from Bhopal to meet her. She asks him not to bore her. Suman calls her and asks where is she. Surbhi says she came to Ujjain to speak to Varun. Suman asks her not to break her marriage. Surbhi says she has to and cannot rely on her. Suman gets tensed. Surbhi then tells Varun that she does not love him and does not want to marry.

Bhoomi get and Ria get ready for office. Ria thanks her and says she messaged Saurabh and he will not trouble us from today. Shanti and Murali are having breakfast and Ansh enters. Ria and Bhoomi are shocked to see him. Shanti asks who is he.

Bhoomi and Ria get tensed seeing Ansh at home. Shanti asks who is he. Ria says he is her cousin brother. Daadi gives him breakfast and asks him where he studies. He says IPS and says he did not know elders stay here, else he would not have come here. He needs their blessings, etc.

Bhoomi thinks he is bluffing a lot. Daadi asks if he is buttering because she fed him breakfast. He says no and continues his god boy talks. Daada says his knowledge says his teach is very knowledged. Daadi asks him to stop his stone knowledge and says Daada is astrologer and tries his gyan everywhere.

Surbhi tells she cannot marry him as she does not love him. Varun says he loves her a lot and even selected their future children’s names. Surbhi says if he wants to see her happy, he should reject this marriage proposal then. Varun feels devastated.

Ria while walking on road for office apologizes Bhoomi for Ansh’s drama. Ansh comes in his car and asks Ria to speak to him, but she gets into bus with Bhoomi and leaves for office.
Varun says he knows she loves him and cannot live without him. She says does not love him and likes him just a friend, so he should not ruin both their lives. Varun tries to convince her, but to no avail.

Rajender calls Bhoomi and asks how is she. She says she is fine and is remembering them a lot. He says he is not remembering her though and is very happy without her here. Bhoomi gets sad. Janaki takes phone and says he is just joking and did not sleep whole night whithout talking to her. Bijender takes phone and asks if she slept well yesterday night. Bhoomi reminisces her kidnap and mishap happened thereafter. Varun comes home and takes call. Bhoomi asks if he is fine. He says he is. She asks to tell what happened. He says everyone is around, so he will tell her later. He asks to call her in the evening and cuts call.

Varun gets into bus and asks Bhoomi to forgive him and says Ria and Saurabh love each other and are just angry on each other. He repeatedly asks to forgive him. She gets up from seat and stands p. He also gets up and stands with her. Bhoomi’s office stop come and she gets down with Ria. Varun continues following her, but she does not stop.

Suman gets ginger tulsi tea for Vasundhara. Vasundhara says looks like she made some mistake. She says she did not. Vasundhara says she will speak to Shukla family and calls on their landline. Dhara picks call. Vasundhara asks her to call Shanti. She says Shanti has gone out. Vasundhara asks to give it to Bhoomi then. She says even she has gone out. Devar comes and tells Vasundhara that their foreign clients are coming today.

Ansh continues following Ria and Bhoomi and clashes with bike by mistake and falls down. Biker scolds him and leaves. He gets up and tells Ria that Saurabh is waiting for her since morning and asks to speak to him once. She goes to meet him. Ansh tells Bhoomi that it is very difficult to separate true lovers and asks if she has boyfriend. Vasundhara tells Dhara thatshe will call after 2-3 days. Dhara asks if something is important. She says nothing important.

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