Lady Luck update Tuesday 24th December 2019 on Zee World

Lady Luck update Tuesday 24th December 2019 on Zee World, Latha takes Bhoomi to her room and gifts her a beautiful sari and her family jewelry. She says it is a special jewlery which her grandma gifted her to her mom and her mom to her, she is giving it to her. She prays god not to send Bhoomi from this house.

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Vasundhara gets a gift box and finds a silver bowl and note by Kaveri that she is returning her 25-year=old gift. She drops box and angrily calls security. Security comes running. She asks who gave this gift. He says he found it between gifts and gave it to her. She shouts to check who sends it first and then give it to her. She then goes to her room, calls her associate and asks if he found woman. He says no. She yells at him and says she herself will find her now. she thinks she should not let kaveri do any drama today.

Kaveri calls Vasundhara over phone and tells she is returning her 25-year-old savings by 8:30 and says in 2 hours her guests will also arrive. Vasundhara gets tensed.

Guests starts arriving for the party. Agram thinks of calling bhabhi maa. Vasundhara gets ready tensely. Surbi comes with Varun and ugly Suman gets happy seeing her. She asks how is she looking. Surbhi says she is looking fabulous as usual. Varun says decoration is very good. Ugly boasts that it is prajapati’s party and she also contributed in decoration. Agram knocks vasundhara’s door and takes her downstairs. She falls on stairs, but he holds her. Vasundhara tensely checks watch repeatedly.

Varun sees Rishi in party and starts talking to him smilingly. Ansh sees them and thinks he will see this situation often from hereon. Varun asks him about Bhoomi and he says he does not know and to ask Rishi as he must be knowing. Varun is surprised to see his changed tone. He then goes and starts drinking alcohol.

Party starts and host briefs about swastik industries and its 25th anniversary today. Lights get off and Varun dances with Surbhi on Muskurane ki wajah tum ho… Bhoomi imagines dancing with Ansh. After Varun and Surbhi’s dance, everyone start clapping. Rishi asks Ansh why is he standing silent instead of dancing with Bhoomi. He angrily pushes his hand and walks from there. Bhoomi follows him. Rishi thinks why is he behaving oddly.

Bhoomi sees Ansh gulping glasses of alcohol and asks him to stop. He asks what is she doing here instead of being with Rishi. She says she loves him and why will she be with Rishi. He says she is free from his side from now and she can go to Rishi.

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