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Lady Luck update Tuesday 31st December 2019 on Zee World

Lady Luck update Tuesday 31st December 2019 on Zee World; Vasundhara tells family that she has decided that she will go to jail and take all the blame on her. Kaveri smirks and tells Pavitra to wait and watch. Agram and Inder say they will find a way. Ugly Suman says one who did mistake should go to jail instead of Vasundhara. Latha asks what does she mean. Ugly says Agram did mistake even after Inder’s warning and should go to jail. Inder says ugly suman is telling right, he warned agram not to accept low quality material, but he did. Agram says when he checked, material was good, but it was changed afterwards.

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Door bell rings and Bhoomi opens it. Inspector comes and asks Vasundhara whom to arrest now. Ansh says he should arrest him as she is responsible for bridge construction. Latha asks why is he taking blame on him. Ansh says papa approved material after his insistence and he is responsible for this, so will go to jail. Latha says inspector he cannot arrest her son. Inspector says they should come to police station and talk and takes Ansh with him. Latha starts crying and asks Agram to bring her son back. Agram says he will go to police station. Vasundhara says she will go and leaves. Kaveri and Pavitra smirk.

Bhoomi stops Vasundhara and asks her to take her along. Vasundhara says she is not needed. Bhoomi says she needs Ansh and wants to be with him. Vasundhara agrees and takes her along.

Latha starts crying again and asks Agram to bring back her son. Ugly Suman tells Inder that Agram did mistake, but Ansh is suffering. Inder says situation would have been handled well, but Ansh hurried. He says he will use his contact and she what he can do. Once they leave, Kaveri comes out smirking and tells Pavitra that god is on their side. Phone rings. Pavitra says vasundhara must have called. Kaveri picks and asks Suman’s friends to come over. She says suman’s friends called and she called them here to see the drama.

Inspector misbehaves with Ansh and shouts that because of richies like him, poor suffer and richies don’t care of other’s lives. Bhoomi enters and shouts at him to stop and says he is Anshuman Prajati from a very well known family who follows the path of truth and if he ever tries to misbehave with him again, she will get him suspended. Inspector gets afraid.

Lady Luck update Tuesday 31st December 2019 on Zee World

Vasundhara enters with commissioner and commissioner scolds inspector. Vasundhara asks inspector get Maan/Ansh’s bail as soon as possible. Commissioner says today is saturday and session court holiday, they can only get bail only on monday, but he will do something.

Door bell rings. Latha thinks Maan has come, but ugly Suman’s friends enter. Suman thinks she had invited them, but forgot to cancel party. Kaveri senses opportunity and taunts Latha that she should also call her friends to feel good. Suman serves her friends tea and snacks. Latha calls Suman and asks why did she call her friends when Ansh is in jail. Suman says she did not know they are coming. Latha asks friends to leave. Friends taunt Suman and leave. Suman shouts at Latha that she did not call them to inform about her family issues.

Pavitra tells Kaveri they needed 2 days to ruin this house and by the time Ansh comes back from jail, they will ruin whole house. They both laugh ugly.

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