Lady Luck Update Tuesday 3rd November 2019 on Zee World, Bhoomi prepares food for family. Shanti daadi asks why nobody came yet. Agram and Inder on the other side try to convince Vasundhara to come and have Bhoomi’s food. She fumes angrily.

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Inder says Shanti daadi is here and their misbehavior will harm Surbhi’s life. Vasundhara agrees and comes to the dining table with angrybird face. She sees food well decorated and sits on chair. Bhoomi serves food for everyone. Shanti says Maan did not like food. Maan says it is very tasty. Latha says it is really tasty and gives her nek/money envelope and says Vasundhara gave it. Shanti says then Vasundhara herself should give. Vasundhara with weird fuming face gives her envelope. Bhoomi touches her feet, but she walks out.

Daadi says she will also leave now and will come tomorrow for jagrata. Maan insists her to stay back instead of traveling twice. She says she cannot stay at daughter’s house. He says it is her grandson’s house also and insists again. She agrees.

Suman while enjoying sweets asks Shukla family since how long they stay in this house. Murli says since 3 generations and says first he, next his children, then his grandchildren. Bijender says since Avni and Bhoomi are married, Varun will stay in this house and hopes his children will also stay here.

Lady Luck Update Tuesday 3rd November 2019 on Zee World

Ansh sees Bhoomi’s clothes and suitcase on floor and asks her to keep it in cupboard. She says once he and his family will accept her, she will. He gets irked, argues with her and walks out. Shanti walks till door and goes back to bring laddus for bhoomi. She brings box and asks Bhoomi to open door. Bhoomi hesitates. She forcefully gets in, gives laddoos prepared by Dhara, sees clothes shattered on floor and asks what happened. Maan comes and says nothing happened and says he will not sleep today before he arranged Bhoomi’s clothes in cupboard and starts arranging them. Once Shanti leaves, he asks bhoomi to do it herself and sleeps.

In the morning, Shanti requests Latha to take her to temple. Latha says she has not performed house pooja yet. Shanti says Bhoomi will do it and takes her. Bhoomi prays god to help her get into Vasdunhara and other family member’s hearts and starts signing bhajan. Vasundhara hears bhajan and comes down to check and gets irked seeing Bhoomi doing pooja. She calls Latha. Bhoomi says aunty went to temple. Vasundhara calls servant and asks him to prepare breakfast.

Bhoomi prepares breakfast. Agram asks Vasundhara to come and have breakfast. She says she is not hungry. Daadi comes and says if she does not have breakfast, she will lose her energy. Vasundhara gets mored irked.

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