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Lady Luck update Wednesday 1 January 2020 Zee World

Lady Luck update Wednesday 1 January 2020 Zee World; Ansh enters kitchen seeing her cooking and tries to get romantic. She asks him to wait in room until she prepares food. He says he came to have coffee. She says she will prepare it in a min. He reminds her that he prepares better coffee. she reminisces him serving her good coffee and she praising him. He says should I, she smiles and nods yes. He prepares coffee.

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In the morning, Vasundhara takes car keys from driver and is about to start car when she sees same shawl draped man running into bushes and shouts at him to stop. Man vanishes in bushes. Agram, Inder and Ansh come running and search man in bushes, but they don’t find him. Vasundhara says even driver must have seen. Driver says he did not. Agram says she is tensed regarding Ansh’s arrest and contract failure and imagined someone. He asks her to rest today. She says she will attend meeting at any cost and says will meet him at office in the evening. Agram asks driver to accompany her.

Pavitra enters kitchen and sees Suman cooking. She purposefully drops dhaniya on floor. Suman asks why did she throw dhaniya. Pavitra asks her to pluck dhaniya from garden. Suman comes out of kitchen and pavitra following telling she will help her. Suman says no, but she follows her to garden. Kaveri senses opportunity and mixes amchur powder in daadl. She then calls Latha and acts as coughing. Latha brings her water from kitchen. Kaveri starts acting that she saved her life with water and says she will keep water glass in kitchen. Latha says she will and asks her to go and rest in her room. Kaveri goes to her room smirking.

Latha keeps glass back in kitchen and walks towards her room. Suman comes back with Pavitra and sees her walking. Pavitra provokes her that Latha is ill, so she is not cooking and Suman has to cook for whole family.

Lady Luck update Wednesday 1 January 2020

Whole family sits for dinner. Suman serves amchur dal to Inder and he starts choking due to amchur allegy. Suman tastes dal and says it has amchur. Ansh runs to bring antiallergic injection and gives it to Inder. Agram helps Inder to room and asks Suman to bring Inder’s food to room. Kaveri starts her drama and says Ansh saved Inder, else he would have been dead today. She signals Suman to take care of Inder and goes to her room acting as concerned.

Suman reminisces Latha coming out of kitchen and starts yelling at her that she should have added amchur in her dal instead of adding it in Inder’s. Latha says she did not add amchur. Suman shouts that she herself saw her coming out of kitchen and yells to spare her and Inder, says chii..and goes to her room. Latha starts crying and goes to her room. Bhoomi sees kaveri’s drama and realizes that she has done it. She then goes to Latha’s room and calms her down.

Ansh tells Bhoomi, series of bad events are happening spontaneously in our family, earlier his arrest and govt ban on company, swastik group is a 25-year-old and most loyal company of bhopal, but it is banned now. Even Latha and Suman and fighting and he is afraid Agram and Inder will also start fighting. Bhoomi says he is right, she is also very afraid now.

Vasundhara hears door knock again at midnight and opens door and window, but don’t find anyone. She then opens main door and goes out to check and sees same shawl draped man moving behind car.

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